Three murdered Israelis show the hypocrisy of genocide

Feature image: attack of the refugee camp of Jabaliya. Source: Democracy Now

On December 15th, it was known that the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) murdered three prisoners of the National Resistance Front of Palestine. These three prisoners left a building in the middle of the city of Gaza shirtless, with their hands uncovered and raising a white flag. Before this, they even left two messages asking for help and writing “here are three hostages” in Hebrew to be found by IDF, who claimed to have thought that it was a strategy from the National Resistance Front of Palestine. Absolutely nothing indicated that these three men could attack the IDF soldiers who were on a mission, however, one of the soldiers felt “threatened” and shot, killing two of them. The third, wounded by the shot, ran asking for help in Hebrew, but was anyways shot. “This is a mistake and a malfunction”, according to the statements of the IDF themselves.

Banner with “SOS” and here are three hostages.

This murder has triggered a wave of protests in Israel. Thousands of people have taken the streets of Tel Aviv demanding measures to bring the prisoners back, with the images of the prisoners and demanding more measures from IDF. In order to “prevent” possible murders of prisoners from the National Resistance Front of Palestine, the IDF have decided to “exercise additional caution” and adds “What we have told our troops is to be extra vigilant and do one more safety check before dealing with kinetics with any threat that they face on the battlefield.”

With this case, the hypocrisy that this situation carries is shown. Only in the Gaza Strip there have been about 20,000 killed at the hands of the state of Israel through bombs and, subsequently, through a land invasion. In the West Bank, 300 were killed by the military operations of the IDF, and it is only now when they consider “exercise additional caution” when civilians are in the battlefield. How many similar murders of Palestinians have occurred without having a cause?

Today, December 19th, an air attack on Rafah, in the southern zone of Gaza, has left 28 dead after missile impacts on three blocks of houses while the last functioning hospital in northern Gaza was attacked. They did not either have problems with attacking the Jabaliya refugee camp, leaving another 110 Palestinians dead. It is clear that the main target of the State of Israel is still the millions of Palestinian people, whom it attacks in the north and south of the strip no matter if the attacks are hospitals or homes.

The hypocrisy of the media is also shown, which calls out this murder as a “mistake” of the IDF and not as a consequence of a land invasion campaign by Israel, which leaves thousands of Palestinian dead in its path. Meanwhile, the governments of the imperialist countries increase repression against those who ask for freedom for the Palestinian people, calling them “anti-semitic” for denouncing the genocide in the world’s biggest open air prison.

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