Solidarity with Palestine among the Peoples of the world is still present

Feature image: Occupation and blocking of the Israel Embassy in Dublin. Source: AIA

Since the last actions reported, new actions have taken place in solidarity with the Palestinian people, who continues to fight against the genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel.

In Pakistan, women and children took the streets in support of Palestine and its national liberation struggle. The video shows the rejection of the imperialist countries that support the genocide, the United States and the United Kingdom, in addition to the European Union.

In Turkey, thousands of journalists have taken the streets, denouncing that since the counter-offensive that occurred on October 7th by the National Liberation Front of Palestine, 97 journalists have been killed by Israel. Journalists denounce that Israel deliberately targeted the journalists to silence them.

Journalists protesting against the murder of their colleagues in Palestine. Source: Abna24

In Dublin, Ireland, Anti-imperialist Action Ireland has reported on the occupation and blocking of the Israel Embassy on December 19th. The action, which was carried out successfully for more than three hours, was organized by Saose Don Phalaistín and other solidarity groups. Slogans like “There is only one solution – Intifada, Revolution!” or “Resistance is an obligation to the occupation!” were shouted. Images of the Palestinian martyrs were also placed on the walls of the embassy.

Occupation and blocking of the Israel Embassy in Dublin. Source: AIA

In Goiâna, Brazil, a cultural act was held on December 17th in support of the people and the Palestinian Nation in a shopping center. Inspired by a similar action in Belo Horizonte, the group of supporters of the Solidarity Committee with the Palestinian People of Goiâna decided to make a “Guerrilla’s Theater” showing rejection of the Zionist genocide against the Palestinian people.

On Saturday, December 16th, in Freiburg, Germany, a demonstration that gathered a high number of people was organized . The Red League participated in it, where they spread the revolutionary line through the sale of newspapers and the debate among the assistants.

In Leyton, the United Kingdom, a group of parents have closed a school because of the expulsion of one of their 8-year-old students for supporting Palestine. The child’s mother, originating from Gaza, placed the Palestinian flag on his jacket, for which the school decided to isolate the child and then not allow his entry the next day. In response to this, parents have made a demonstration at the gates of the school that took their gates. In the demonstration, banners that say “free Palestine” in Arabic and English and the Palestinian flag are seen.

Leyton, UK, demonstration in front of a school demanding the re-admission of a child for wearing a Palestinian flag. Source: Yahoo

At the Maynihan train station, New York, USA, on Monday, December 18, there was a great demonstration for Palestine, where it was demanded that the United States cease its help to Israel.

Demonstration for Palestine. Source: Telemundo New York

Also in New York, activists have done a rally with banners showing support to the intifada and flags of Palestine.

In the Santiago de Compostela, the Spanish State, a great demonstration has been made against the genocide in Palestine. During the Demonstration banners such as “against Israel’s genocide against Palestine” and “we stop the genocide.”

Demonstration in Santiago de Compostela, in Galiza. Source: El Correo de Galicia

In Altsasu, the Spanish State, hundreds of neighbors took to the street in support of the Palestinian people and denouncing the 20,000 victims that the state of Israel has killed in less than three months.

Demonstration in Altsasu. Source: Noticias de Navarra

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