German State attacks women’s organization ZORA as part of the German anti-Palestinian-repression

On Wednesday morning, 20th of December, in Berlin, 170 police officers raided apartments, a cafe and an office (the “InterBüro and Karanfil”) in five districts of the German capital. The reason for the attack against the alleged members of the women’s organization “Zora”, which was called a “Terror Raid”, was only a post on Instagram, as reports.

According to a police spokesman, officials from the German secret service have raided the six apartments and other objects in Berlin with the pretense of two public prosecutor’s investigations and suspicion of “using symbols of unconstitutional and terrorist organizations”. There are investigations against six accused, of whom five supposedly belong to the Zora. According to, the public prosecutor accuses the accused of “conducting propaganda for the People’s Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP)”.

The PFLP is on the “EU terrorist list”, but is characterized in Germany by domestic intelligence as “not terrorist active” and is also not banned in Germany.

One of the attacked explained that the raids are “a clear attack to all progressive women who do not want to submit to the German state, but rather fight at the side with their sisters worldwide.” In her view, solidarity with Palestine is legitimate and they will continue to “keep international solidarity high, no matter how often the state tries to intimidate us”.

In addition, an activist of Zora criticized the attacks of the State profoundly: “The repression against any protest in solidarity with Palestine takes absurd dimensions in Germany. This is not only directed against young women who are politically active. We know that our protest is legitimate and don’t let these brutal attempts at intimidation against young female comrades make us break.”

A series of organizations, newspapers, websites in Germany and abroad have issued statements in solidarity with ZORA:

The InterBüro wrote:

“We condemn this unfounded measure by the Berlin police against the women’s organisation ZORA, the attacks on Café Karanfil in Neukölln and on us as InterBüro. It is in line with the state persecution of pro-Palestinian anti-war protests this year,” emphasises Hussein Jebabli from InterBüro. “We show solidarity with all those affected by political persecution who are campaigning for peace in the Middle East and insist on the democratic right to freedom of expression.”

“Condenamos esta medida infundada de la policía de Berlín contra la organización de mujeres ZORA, los ataques al Café Karanfil en Neukölln y contra nosotrxs como InterBüro. Esta operación está en línea con la persecución estatal de protestas pro-palestinas contra la guerra este año”, aclara Hussein Jebabli del InterBüro. “Nos solidarizamos con todxs lxs afectadxs por la persecución política, quienes abogan por la paz en Medio Oriente, y exigimos el derecho democrático a la libertad de expresión”. wrote:

The attack on the “Zora” is another act in the struggle of the German State against national liberation movements and thus people and organizations in solidarity with. We, journalists from DemVolkeDienen, solidarize us with the attacked and call for their support.

The Red League North Rhine-Westphalia wrote:

“We condemn the attacks on Zora, the demonstration participants in Bremen and all the other attacks and arrests – here in NRW, as was the last at the demo in Cologne on December 9 – and express our solidarity with all those affected” and “In addition, there is a dirt and denunciation campaign, in which filthy lies are spread about the comrades of Zora, unpixelated images of supposed activists are printed in the tabloid and live broadcast was on air during the raids”

Secours Rouge International reported on their website on the case.

The Communist Organization wrote:

“German imperialism once again demonstrated that it not only supports the Israeli apartheid state with words and weapons, but also with repression against the Palestinian solidarity movement.”

The lawyer Alexander Gorski of the European Legal Support Center (ELSC) said:

“The current search by the Berlin police serves to intimidate structures and places where migrant groups organize themselves and on which protests against Israeli war crimes against Gaza are organized.”

Hence, there is a broad support and solidarity for those who are currently under attack by the German state.

It is noteworthy that German mainstream media “DIE WELT” concluded regarding the raids that “there is again a strengthening of Marxist-Leninist groups” or “there is again a strengthening of Stalinist groups”.

Another German newspaper, close to the green Party, the “taz” asked “Why today more and more people – also in Berlin – see the step backwards for the armed struggle against Israel as the last way out.” And created a connection between the “Deutscher Herbst” (German autumn) – a series of armed actions in the FRG – to the recent situation by making a headline “Police blows the horn for Berlin autumn”.

These statements show that German imperialism after having prepared and tested some measures against the German people during “Covid-19”-pandemics, in regards to the war of aggression of Russian imperialism against Ukraine and also with the attacks on the Blue Mosque in Hamburg, targeting the whole Shia-community in Germany, now more harshly attacks what they consider an enemy – the revolutionary and revolutionarist movement in the FRG. This is also proven by the attack of the German police in Bremen, we lately reported about.

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