All support to the heroic Palestinian National Resistance

We publish the statement received by the Anti-Imperialist League:

We, the Preparatory Commission for the Anti-Imperialist League, proclaim without limitation our total support to the armed anti-imperialist struggle of the Palestinian people, carried out by the masses and their patriotic organizations, as also we condemn the Zionist State of Israel and the imperialists who support it, all genocidal and war criminals, which should be held accountable for its crimes.

We take firm position for the actions of the tactical counteroffensive of the Palestinian National Front on the day of 7th of October as acts of just war against the military invasion and colonial occupation, which have existed for more than 75 years, both being the longest of the current epoch. We take firm position for this struggle of national liberation that is the pride of the oppressed peoples of the world, symbol of the invincibility of the anti-imperialist struggle, that with their great capacity of sacrifice and heroism without limits, continue defying the self-proclaimed “most efficient army of the world” and causing to it harsh defeats.

We take firm position for the anti-imperialist principle that the struggle against the imperialists’ occupation and aggression must be carried out by all the necessary means used by the oppressed peoples, and we reaffirm that the path for the liberation is the armed anti-imperialist struggle carried out until the end, rejecting the “peace agreements” and the conciliation promoted by imperialism and its lackeys.

We condemn the hateful hypocrisy of the imperialists, reactionary ideologists and the monopolies from imperialists’ mass media which accuse the Palestinian Resistance of breaking the international laws, and they continue covering and justifying in a cynical way all the crimes against humanity and the Holocaust made by Israel against the Palestinian people. They forget that, in their own imperialist “international laws”, all the methods and forms of struggle are recognized as fair against a colonial aggression.

We greet the Palestinian popular masses, as an example of restless bravery, heroic and persistence. The masses are paying constantly their blood price for the national liberation, under many and extraordinary sacrifices for a common cause, to make it triumph. They have not allowed the Zionists and imperialists to divide the national front: children, elder people, women, youth and men combat, shoulder by shoulder for the patriotic cause of national liberation. Their combat is today a revolutionary fact which awakes the purest anti-imperialist feeling. We see towards Gaza, taking it as a great revolutionary example. Palestine resists, Palestine will succeed!

We reaffirm that the Anti-Imperialist League, in construction, will do all what ever is possible to give effective support to the armed struggle of the Palestinian people and its patriotic organizations, because this struggle is part of the World Proletarian Revolution.

Long live the heroic Palestinian national resistance!

Preparatory Commission for the construction of the Anti-Imperialist League


Student’s Movement in Service of the People – MESP (Columbia)

People’s Women’s Movement – MFP (Columbia)

Student’s Movement Red Hammer (Columbia)

Current of the People – Red Sun (Mexico)

Front to Defend the People’s Struggles (Ecuador)

Partizan (Turkey)

Revolutionary Committee of Albacete (Spain)

New Brazil Support Committee (Spain)

Anti-Imperialist League (Finland)

Red Flag Magazine (Norway)

Red Front (Norway)

Revolutionary Front to Defend the Rights of the People – FRDDP (Brazil)

Revolutionary People’s Student’s Movement – MEPR (Brazil)

Red Unity – League of Revolutionary Youth (Brazil)

People’s Women’s Movement – MFP (Brazil)

Poor Peasant’s League – LCP (Brazil)

Workers’ League (Brazil)

Revolutionary Front of the People (Chile)

Peru People’s Movement – MPP (Peru)

Class-position Magazine (FRG)

Action for Democratic Rights of the People – ADRV (Austria)

Anti-Imperialist Action (France)

Prairie Fire (Sweden)

Anti-Imperialist Collective (Denmark)

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