Noboa and Correaists, the same shit, but in different plate

We publish an unofficial translation of a statement by the Front for the Defense of the Struggles of the People in Ecuador.

The misleaders, to say the least, said that Correaism is “left” or “progressive”, do not understand the dynamic of the inter-bourgeois contradictions, they do not know the role played by the bureaucratic bourgeoisie; to those naive, it is only enough for them to repeat harshly “neo-liberal measures”, going off on a tangent of the class struggle and not having a correct characterization of the country.

Correaism is a bureaucratic plague, it needs the state apparatus to reproduce itself politically and economically. They fight and collude with the comprador bourgeoisie; the two factions are part of the big bourgeoisie, today they collude, in exchange for the comprador bourgeoisie taking the country, the companies and public services on their shoulders, the others, the supporters of Correa, have impunity because wherever they poke around, huge boils of pus burst out.

The supporters of Correa already supported “under the table” Lasso’s laws; now they support, in short, the privatization of the electricity companies and other strategic sectors of the public administration and management.

Correaism, with mayors linked in all senses with the drug traffickers; drug trafficking officials, with an impressive capacity to prostitute themselves to the comprador bourgeoisie, should be recognized as a progressive force and to some extent linked to people’s interests? Impossible!

Noboa, is strengthened by the collusion with other political camps; on this side of the hill, he takes us in difficult conditions, with an indigenous leadership exhausted after the “explosion” and that in the end overestimated the political capacities of the CONAIE; Pachakutik, on its own: opportunism, like vultures, who are waiting to see what crumb the banana grower will throw them; with leaders of the trade union centers sleeping off the electoral hangover and thinking of “Santa Claus”.

But not everything is screwed up, the class and the people will fight, that is why they are reorganizing, not to put us on the tail of the indigenous movement, contaminated by corruption, opportunists and electioneers, but of the proletariat, of its ideology, a guarantee of struggle and victory.

We are going to prepare the answers to the current government and its Correaist allies. We are going to stop a maelstrom that from Argentina is gaining strength and that demands to be stopped in its tracks, in a decisive manner.

Organize, struggle and combat; this is what we have left and what we must do.



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