70 murdered by Israel in an air strike to a refugee camp – intense fighting continues

Israel continues the intense bombing of Gaza and the raids on the occupied West Bank. On the 24th of December 70 people were killed in the bombing of the Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, being one of the bloodiest single attacks in the war. Once again, Israel shamelessly bombs civilians with no intention to follow the international laws of war. In the last 24 hours over 250 people have been killed. At the same time, the death toll of journalists in Gaza has exceeded 100 people, with Israel trying to prevent them from telling the world the truth of the genocide happening in Gaza.

At the same time, the battles between the national resistance and the IDF continue, with 14 IDF soldiers killed over the weekend according to Israeli sources. 48 IDF soldiers have been killed in four days according to the Al-Qassam Brigades. They also report having injured dozens of Israeli soldiers and having destroyed 35 military vehicles. In addition, the Israeli finance ministry announced that the war will triple the budget deficit of Israel in 2024.

In Yemen, the large protests in solidarity with the Palestinian people have continued. On Friday, large protests took place in multiple provinces of Yemen, such as Sa’ada, Hajjah, al-Jawf, Hudaydah, Dhamar, al-Bayda, Ma’rib, and Ta’izz. The protesters denounced the crimes of Israel and rejected any aggression against their country. Ansar Allah (“the Houthis”) continue their struggle on the Red Sea, with Pentagon reporting again of missiles launched towards ships.

A rally for Palestine in Yemen. Source: ABNA

In Brazil, the campaign for Palestine continues, with actions, slogans, posters and flags being put up in multiple different federal States around the country.

Actions in Belém:

Actions in the north-east of Brazil

Flags in Belo Horizonte. Source: Servir ao Povo
Slogan “Palestine resists, Palestine will triumph!” painted in Montes Claros. Source: Servir ao Povo

In Gunskirchen, Austria, activists organized a rally in front of Rotax, which produces motors for the Hermes900-drones used by the IDF on the 21st of December.

Protesters denounced the complicity of Austrian imperialism in the genocide carried out by Israel. Source: Rote Fahne

In Bergen, Norway, there has been demonstrations for Palestine multiple times a week throughout December. Among these have been students’ protests demanding the university to show solidarity and a protest for the liberation of political prisoners on the 14th of December, in which special focus was laid for demanding freedom for Palestinian political prisoners. On the 16th of December a demonstration was organized as part of the country-wide action day for Palestine. The crowd expressed their support for the struggle of the Palestinian national resistance loudly, with also denouncing a speaker who tried to condemn it.

In Kristiansand, Norway, a torchlight march for freedom and justice for Palestine was organized on the 23rd of December.

In the US, multiple demonstrations were organized on the 23rd of December to disrupt traffic during one of the biggest days of Christmas shopping and travel, including for example blocking the traffic to Chicago airport.

A car caravan blocking the way to Chicago airport, denouncing the role of US politicians in the genocide in Palestine. Source: Fox32 Chicago
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