Gangs staged an armed attack on Partizan reader Asker Akkoç

We publish an unofficial translation of the Yeni Demokrasi’s article:

Gangs carried out an armed attack on Munzur Breakfast Hall belonging to Asker Akkoç in Gazi District.

While Partizan reader Akkoç, who was injured in the attack in the morning, was taken to the hospital, the police did not investigate the cafe where the attack took place for a long time.

State-supported gangs carried out an armed attack on Munzur Breakfast Hall in Gazi District. In the attack, 3 bullets hit the hip, arm and leg of the café owner Asker Akkoç, who was a Partizan reader.

While the injured Akkoç was taken to Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Training and Research Hospital for treatment, an investigation was launched at the scene two hours after the incident.

Akkoç had previously been targeted due to his work against religious communities and sects in the neighborhood. There was an armed attack on Munzur Breakfast Hall and Asker Akkoç was injured.


Partizan gave information about Akkoç’s health condition. The information is as follows: “Akkoç was targeted and shot 10 times, while 3 bullets hit his leg, arm and hip, and 1 bullet grazed his arm. Akkoç was taken into surgery in the orthopedics and traumatology department because the bullet that hit his hip broke the bone. After the surgery, which lasted approximately 3 hours, he was taken to the ward. Akkoç’s life is not currently in danger. Akkoç’s treatment continues at the Seyrantepe campus of Şişli Hamidiye Etfal Hospital. ESP, HDK and Gazi tradesmen, Gazi Neighborhood Mukhtar Ümit Doğan and the people of the neighborhood visited. “Visits by the public and democratic mass organizations continue.”

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