2023: The World in Flames – annus horribilis for Imperialism

Featured image: Bordeaux town-hall burning; Source: The Telegraph

The year 2023 reaffirmed in all its complexity the deep and general crisis imperialism is sinking in, the sharpening of all contradictions and thus the fact that we face a situation of a period of new revolutions developing.

In their reviews of the year 2023 imperialist mass-media highlights this broadly and somehow precise:


The New York Post titled: “2023 was the year of chaos amongst both political parties” and comprehended in another article that “All these year-in-review round-ups are just making mental health worse”. As well called the Dallas News 2023 “a disastrous year”. The latin-american branch of CNN headed: “How 2023 was the ‘cliff year’ and 2024 could be worse” and alike spreads pessimism titling “The worst of inflation may be behind us, but the recession is not”.


The British The Standard titled “‘Worst inflation in a generation’ dominated household budgets in 2023”. The Guardian spoke about 2023 as the “beginning of the end”.


Le Figaro titled about France as a “Fragmented country”. IFRAP was worried about “France’s trade balance towards a 154 billion deficit”.


The German Die Zeit called 2023 an “annus horribilis”, stating “Crisis, crisis everywhere. 2023 was a year of horror for the “Ampel” [the governing coalition; translator’s note]”. The mdr titled that the governing coalition over the year acted in a “mode of crisis”.


The Dutch Het Financieele Dagblad titled “Weakened foundations” and the NRC “Yes, 2023 really was worse than other years”.


Helsingin Sanomat wrote the ”year 2023 was a time of setbacks”, and ”Finland goes into 2024 in a weakened position. The economy is in recession, the public finances are in debt, productivity is not in order and part of the municipal sector is collapsing. There are possibly more strikes ahead.”


The Austrian Krone Zeitung issued a “Review on a year marked by crisis”. Alike Die Presse titled about 2023 as “A year marked by crisis”.


The Danish Euroinvestor titled at the end of 2023 “It’s a bad starting point” regarding the upcoming year.


The Swiss Neue Züricher Zeitung titled “Optimism becomes a strategic resource” and raised the need for “a quota for optimists”, facing the last years problems. The Tagesanzeiger wrote regarding 2023 about a “quite fuck-up”.

Like the imperialists also in the oppressed nations the crisis is recognized in the mainstream-media:


The Daily Star wrote: “2023: A year that revealed the faults”. ”World politics is becoming increasingly heated with news of warfare and riots. The situation is murky”, commented the Daily Ittefaq.


“Alarming figures”, titled the Colombian Semana.


Latin-american infobae titled: “2023, the year of economic recession in Peru and the deterioration of private investment”


Metroecuador headed: “Ecuador closes the most violent year in its history”.


“In 2023, Nigeria’s economy faced significant challenges in several key areas. The country has experienced high inflation rates, fuel and food price hikes, transportation difficulties, energy shortages, fluctuating foreign exchange rates, and increasing housing costs. These issues have put immense pressure on the average Nigerian citizen (..), wrote the Daily Post Nigeria.

South Africa:

The South African News24 wrote: “It would be our darkest year yet […] reveal a government that’s out of touch with the needs of citizens and that’s not even bothered to ensure they have access to their basic rights.”


The Ethiopian Addis Fortune wrote: “climate financing shortfalls, heavy debt burdens, and political instability. […] As the year comes to an end, Ethiopia finds itself at a crossroads, navigating through economic pressures, financial reforms and leadership challenges.”

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