The Ethiopian State repeatedly bombs the people

Featured image: map of the district of Kombolcha, where was one of the bombardments. Source: Addis Standard

Recently Ethiopian newspapers reported on a drone bombing against the civilian population in Oromia, which killed eight civilians and injured three others during the morning of 25th of December. The bombing occurred on a church in the village of Baro, in the Kombolcha district, when the people was gathering for a joint activity. This bombing is one of many that have occurred by the Ethiopian State against the people. We have previously reported on these crimes.

As for Oromia, bombings are very frequent and the Kombolcha district is particularly hit by them due to the Ethiopian State’s fight against the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA). Locals state that clashes have intensified since Tuesday, 19th of December, and the bombings has generally intensified since the conclusion of negotiations between the OLA and the Ethiopian State two months ago, which ended without an agreement.

These bombings are also frequent in Amhara, and the Ethiopian Chief of Staff himself, Field Marshal Birhanu Jula, has admitted that drone attacks have occurred and will continue. According to various reports in recent months, the use of drones to bomb the civilian population has become extensive. Meanwhile, senior Ethiopian military officials stated that the use of drones is “strategic to minimize harm to civilians,” and the Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that as a member of the BRICS, Ethiopia “remains committed and ready to play a constructive role in promoting peace and prosperity.” Bitter cynicism, since events recently showed another reality: between 30 and 40 people were killed in a drone attack on 10th of December in the Amhara Sayint district, and according to associations of the Amhara people in the diaspora, drone attacks “almost always they have targeted civilians”, and this is something widely denounced by the people in Ethiopia.

Regarding these crimes against the people, the imperialists have shown an alleged “concern” about the violations of the so-called human rights in Ethiopia, but recently the ambassador of the European Union (EU) to Ethiopia, Roland Kobia, stated that “We didn’t agree on everything [with Ethiopia]; but that is normal,”, and he was clear in stating that the EU would continue to provide support to the Ethiopian State. At the same time, in the first half of December there were meetings between the Ethiopian State and numerous representatives of different imperialisms such as the Yankees, through the World Bank, and with ministers of imperialist powers from Europe such as the Britain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark.

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