Update on the actions for the 130th anniversary of Chairman Mao’s birth

We report on more actions made to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao.

In various federal States in Brazil, actions have been made. Servir ao Povo has published pictures in an updating article:

São Paulo / São Paulo

Montes Claros / Minas Gerais

Rio de Janeiro / Rio de Janeiro

Porto Alegre / Rio Grande do Sul

Manaus / Amazonas

Periódico Mural has published pictures of murals made for celebrating the 130th anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao in Mexico. One of the murals was done in a semi-rural community, one in the community workshop and one during the political-cultural event, on which we have reported before.

Mural in semi-rural area. Source: Periódico Mural
Children and other community members took part in painting the mural during the community workshop. Source: Periódico Mural
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