The attempt to implement the Temporal Framework law continues

Featured image: Protest against the Temporal Framework. “Our history does not start in 1988. Demarcation now!”. Source: Rovena Rosa/Agência Brasil

In Brazil, the preparation of the Temporal Framework law laid to steal lands from the peasants continues. Despite the veto of the government of Da Silva, the Senate counter-attacked and teared down the veto with the help of the Agriculture Ministry, from Da Silva’s government. There was no reaction or punishment by the government, neither for those who changed their vote. That’s why there were severe criticisms, including from the Missionary Indigenous Counsil (Cimi), that launched a document against it.

During the government of the Social Democrat Da Silva, not only the law has not been demolished, as it promised that it would do, but it also has repealed laws that follow this same line and legitimize the theft of land by landowners and large companies, such as the Regulatory Instruction No. 09 or Parecer 001/2017. Along with this, the attribution of declaring indigenous lands, which has not approved any in all 2023. has returned to the Ministry of Justice. And by the Presidency of the Republic, of the 25 territories that were requested to demarcate only eight have been approved, all in areas that big landlords and foreign companies had no interest. AND writes in an article: “It must be noted that the Civil House appears to be the centralizer and ‘shock absorber’ of the demands of indigenous peoples. (For) it is in that space where indigenous rights are discussed and negotiated with powerful economic groups and parliament.”

Also report on the increase in the repression on the Guarani Kaiowá community: “In M. Grosso do Sul, without effective and forceful intervention from the federal government, violence (by the large landowners) against the Guarani and Kaiowá communities increased dramatically. There are reports of torture, shooting attacks, false imprisonment, kidnapping and disappearance of people . Not even teams of foreign journalists escaped, victims of beatings. The invaders (from tribal areas), with their thugs, were not intimidated and challenged public entities and their security forces, imposing barbarity. The federal government watched everything without much reaction. (Several times) the opposite.”

As we analyzed in a previous article, “Its bond (of the big landlord-bureaucratic State) to semi-feudality leads to the fact that the imperialist capital is interwoven with the landownership in many forms, and therefore it strives to concentrate the soil more and more in the hands of big landlords and ‘associations’. As a consequence the land of the poor peasants is being robbed. And in the case of Brasil, a part of the poor peasantry is made up by indigenous people and the descendants of fugitive and liberated slaves with African origin, the Quilombolas. By starvation, threats, kidnappings, poisoning, forced disappearance, open murder, the reaction is trying to break their resistance and drive them away from their land. It is a systematic murder of the Brazilian people which, due to their historical development process, contains a huge number of different ethnic groups, and therefore this murder is actually genocide.

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