Note of the League of Poor Peasants on the attack on the leader of FNL

We publish an unofficial translation of the note of the LCP of Brazil:

Montes Claros, January 6th, 2024

Repudiation note

The League of Poor Peasants of the North of Minas and South of Bahia, and the National Commission of the Leagues of Poor Peasants of Brazil, express the most vehement repudiation of the cowardly shooting attack against comrade Geraldo Pires, dear Geraldinho, national leader of the National Front of Struggle – Countryside and City (FNL), as well as a regional leader with combative activity in the North of Minas, mainly Pirapora, in the struggle for the lands of the former Farm Prata latifundium. Geraldinho needed surgery and almost had his hand destroyed.

We denounce the big landowners and this dirty, cowardly and murderous extreme right, which, under the protection of the bayonets of corrupt generals and coup plotters, as well as these state military police that export technology to murder poor people and black people, are responsible for yet another crime.

We demand the immediate investigation of this attack and the arrest of the mandatories and perpetrators. We also express our solidarity and support for our FNL comrades. But this is far from an isolated case.

All over Brazil, gangs of big landlords and gunmen, always protected by the local military police, with repossession orders distributed everywhere by this rotten justice system – or even without this fake paper –, attack peasants, indigenous people and quilombolas, struggling for their lands or territories. And all of this with the participation of extreme right-wing governors, deputies of all stripes, with extensive divulgation on the so-called “social networks”, and under the cowardly and criminal silence of “moderates” or opportunists.

Nothing will stop the struggle for land!

Those who want to drown the struggle for the land and against latifundia in blood are very deceived. Geraldinho will soon be shoulder to shoulder with his comrades in the fight. Whoever falls in the struggle will have their name raised and honored by the masses, as Carinhanha’s comrades prove in the resistant, persistent and very soon victorious Camp Mãe Bernadete! Therefore, repudiating the attack against FNL comrade Geraldo Pires means supporting the struggle for land without cowardly reservations. Come, all good people. The Agrarian Revolution is calling!

Down with the criminal attack against comrade Geraldo Pires!
Punishment for their constituents, executors and complicit authorities!
Land for those who live and work on it! Death to the latifundium!
Long live the Agrarian Revolution!
Long live the Heroic Palestinian National Resistance. Death to imperialism and Zionism!

League of Poor Peasants of the North of Minas and South of Bahia

National Commission of the Leagues of Poor Peasants of Brazil

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