We publish an unofficial translation of the article of Pukainti of Ecuador:


The Noboa government decreed a state of national emergency and made a declaration of internal conflict, defining criminal gangs as enemies and military objectives of the State.

Executive Decree No. 111, on Internal Armed Conflict, issued on January 9th of the current year, is nothing more than a strategy of “social softening” to be able to implement, with military and legal control, a series of economic and political measures, which, in addition to subjecting the living conditions of the masses to greater poverty, benefits the big bourgeoisie, big landlords and imperialism.

This declaration of internal conflict lacks the most basic foundations that govern the concrete scenario.

  • The gangs do not pursue political objectives.
  • They have no political leadership.
  • They do not have disciplined armed forces.
  • They do not control territories.
  • They have demonstrated their unwillingness to observe the international law of war.

Under these premises, in Ecuador there is no internal war, there is no politically structured belligerent force, therefore, Noboa’s statements and decisions are a hoax.

No government of Ecuador recognized the Colombian guerrilla as a belligerent actor; much less, the guerrilla organizations that have operated in the country since the 1980s; On the contrary, they have fought us with blood and fire, committing crimes against humanity, that is: forced disappearances, kidnappings, selective and extrajudicial murders, torture, terrorism and arbitrary persecution.

It is, very obvious, that the criminal and violent overflow of criminal gangs had the state coverage of several regimes, Correa, Moreno and Lasso. The prison massacres and in popular neighborhoods were always “something more” than conflicts between drug traffickers, they were measured, controlled violence, as we previously argued, functional for imperialism and the old bureaucratic-landlord state of Ecuador.

It is clear that the senior components of the criminal structures are managed by police generals, senior officers of the Armed Forces; They have strong ties with the State apparatus through presidents, vice presidents, assembly members, prosecutors, owners of large companies, financial companies, banks; public and private port operators; That is, such contamination that they become a new variant of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie that, through the state structure, can traffic, launder their money and become institutionalized in the public and private sectors.

It is very obvious that the insane violence of the gangs has been stimulated by “agents” of imperialism to create an environment of chaos, a generalized crisis so that, at a certain moment, they emerge with “timely solutions”, prove necessary and even essential for the subsistence of the State. Didn’t the DEA and the CIA do that in El Salvador?i

After a strange “armed” takeover of a television channelii , the government makes a decision that, beyond providing a solution to the crisis, seems like the script for a well-planned plot that has justified the reactivation of some issues that were circumstantially ignored, starting with the popular uprisings of 2019 and 2022.

Obviously, today they show us some armed forces and police that are “saving” and committed “to the people’s causes”; when they came from being tremendously questioned by the levels of infiltration of drug trafficking in all their sectors. But not only that, they put on the table the issue of extradition, international “military aid”, foreign bases in national territory, the toughening of penalties and, consequently, for now, the difficulties that the masses and their organizations speak out in the face of the crises of the government, the State and its entire economic structure that generates serious havoc in the families of the great majority.

This government is closely linked to the US and Israel. Its minister of defense, chancellor and other authorities related to the control of the country’s internal and external security are in the hands of individuals consistent with Zionism; And not only that, they share the idea of granting greater powers to the Armed Forces in their new role of internal control and with it, entering into a clear and complete process and fascistization of society.

They have already taken steps in this regard. They have created a shield of impunity around members of the Armed Forces and police to have legal immunity in case they act violently against “terrorists.” The US announces the arrival of officials from its country’s security agencies to “advise” the repressive apparatus of the state and, obviously, the package comes with the sale of intelligence and war material to empower the Armed Forces.

With all these measures come others: Noboa’s popular consultation proposal to raise VAT to 15%; eliminate fuel subsidies, a demand that in the last two uprisings cost the lives of more than 30 protesters and thousands of injuries; review the ban on the operation of casinos and betting houses, neutralize illegal mining (meaning, in most cases, artisanal and national mining) to stop mining exploitation by transnational companies.

That is to say, an economic adjustment is coming, a process of regularization of drug trafficking capital, impunity for the repressive apparatus and the jurisdictional reinforcement, especially for the prosecutor’s office, whose head is supported directly by the US embassy.

The Urgent Economic Law also seeks to protect large economic groups that owe money to the state. Among those, the Noboa family group. Impunity expanded to political actors, such as Correa’s followers, with whom he formed an alliance. No persecution and jail for its militants, leaders, in exchange, the bench approved everything that the government proposed, such as the Organic Law of Energy Competitiveness that sets the legal and political guideline to give way to the privatization of the country’s energy sector.

With the declaration of internal armed conflict, the fascist has quarantined our people, has reactivated the role of the Armed Forces and the police, and the central objective, to revive bureaucratic capitalism that has been in crisis in recent decades.

Nothing the government has orchestrated could be possible without direct US intervention.

The complicated international scenario, fueled by the brutal Israeli aggression against Palestine and the unleashing of imperialist military operations in the region peripheral to Gaza, places us on the brink of the third world war, and imperialism is clear about the need to strengthen its rear bloc built for more than a century in South America, mainly.

Our people have fallen into the ambush of the regime with that of the supposed “war”, so much so that now, given the circumstances, they look at the Armed Forces, others as their executioners, others as “their saviors”. And the media, which spread false, alarmist news, have a lot of responsibility for this, in such a way that they magnify the need for the Armed Forces to launch themselves into combating crime and blow the methods out of proportion, so much so that in these days of “state of emergency”, nearly a million people have been captured, not all of them involved with the gangs and who have been subjected to humiliating, repressive treatment, also encouraged by the news. Of course, there is also the responsibility of certain actors of opportunism, revisionism and reformism in the country who swallowed the idea of the need for the state to “be strong” with the gangs.

CONAIE, Pachakutik and other political parties of the outdated left came out to support the government and bow to the false call for “unity” to confront “terrorism.” Naive? Scoundrels? Calculating? A little bit of all three; They forgot the character of the State, the role played by the Armed Forces, they forgot the bloody repression that the repressive apparatus of the State exercised in the last uprisings and that took the lives of valuable sons and daughters of the people. In any case, they collude with the government, the State and Imperialism, and they do not just do it like that, like litter dragged by the political current generated by the fascist, but they are also thinking about the next elections, the final one, the electoral race opens in a few months and they cannot remain on the sidelines, much less be stigmatized as “terrorists.”

The Communist Party of Ecuador-Red Sun rejects the call for the proposal of “national unity” by the regime, considering that said call aims to further corporativize the great majorities.

It rejects the declaration of internal conflict, there is no war in the country, on the contrary, the government encourages the violent violations of criminal gangs, whose actions are functional for imperialism, the State and, obviously, the regime.

It rejects the economic measures and the popular consult proposals by the regime, since they are anti-popular, starvation-maker, precarious the labor and work relations, in addition to being liquidationist, since they will end up bankrupting small and medium-sized producers in the country.

It rejects the policies of impunity and new roles for the Armed Forces, since they will have carte blanche to unleash their repressive rage beyond the gangs and hatch an attack, as is their ultimate objective, against the popular fighters.

It totally rejects the intentions of the United States to impose its military bases in the country, since the articulation of that purpose with other links of imperialism with the government and the State, desperately seeks to turn us into a Yankee colony.

For the above reasons, we call on the masses to create their own popular, peasant and indigenous defense organizations that, with the correct line and ideological direction, are responsible for the comprehensive defense of our people.

Only the people save the people, as long as they have correct ideological leadership!






i In El Salvador, after the domestication of the FMLN, situations of non-political violence managed by the CIA were created to create a legal and political framework that has led that country to become a discreet, but effective bastion of imperialism in central America.

ii Strange because of the conditions in which it was made. No proclamation is issued; No statement was delivered with requests or claims. Contrary to what the gangs whose arsenal is important and of quality have shown, the assailants participated with weapons, some handmade, pistols without suppliers, shotguns, sticks of dynamite; Furthermore, the inexplicable service and collaboration of those who operated the television.

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