Statement of the FDLP in Ecuador on the situation of the country

We publish an unofficial translation of the Front to Defend the Struggles of the People in Ecuador:


The vast majority of Ecuador have had to live through difficult days, marked by the overflow of violence.

They are the mafias!, says the government! The violence is part of the lack of action of the previous governments!, says the press. Because they attacked us, they stopped doing what they were supposed to do!, say the followers of Correa. In short, they accuse each other, meanwhile, attacks that do not discriminate victims; massive, selective, collateral murders; extortionate kidnappings; executions of police officers, dismemberment, in short, a maelstrom of violence never seen in the country. Does it not move us and fill us with rebellion to see those images that show the indiscriminate execution of young people that have nothing to do with the gangs? Should we look the other way when troop police or prison guides are executed without mercy due to the mistakes made by the government and its superior officers who, by the way, are involved in complicity with the “cop killers”?

The facilities of channel 10 were taken by assault by a gang. Strange action; In any case, if true, the yellow press has a little “of its medicine.” Public and private companies of the public disinformation, dedicated to country-selling and hunger-making governments, true employees of information.

It is always the same solution: State of emergency. They know nothing more than that. However, the violent ones surpassed the Armed Forces and the police, they also caused terror.

As if nothing had happened, Noboa wants to make a popular consultation. With the story of fighting the violent. He is ‘concerned’ about reopening casinos, gambling houses, hourly hiring, immunity to ‘brave’ police and soldiers, ‘brave’ men who are involved in bloody acts. Ah, ‘brave’ police and military, Rambos with the protesters; with criminals: cowards. We will never forget how those same police and soldiers murdered more than 12 protesters, mutilated more than fifty and injured 1,345 children of the people in the uprising of 2019. Not different in the uprising of June 2022: 9 protesters dead, approximately 200 injured. Definitely something is wrong in all this.

And again, they do the same. Again with that extradition thing. Everything, absolutely everything shows its inability or the lack of interest to do what It corresponds because all violence is functional; in the end, behind everything, is the hand of imperialism, they want a radical, military dictatorship, with this they have an excuse to sharpen their control and subjugation of the country. They do not want us as a semi-colony, they want more, they struggle to convert us into a colony. That’s all.

What’s really happening? Nothing as complex as the fact that we are witnessing the bankruptcy of bureaucratic capitalism; to the debacle of the old bureaucratic landowner State.

They do not have money to pay salaries of public workers, with the story of “reducing the size of the State” they stopped making social investment, hospitals without medicines, defending dollarization has caused to the large masses the submission in the most precarious of miseries; they fire doctors, healthcare workers, teachers, anyone, while they strengthen the military apparatus that, furthermore, has been stripped by the gangs. They have let them see what they are, nothing, a real nothing, an outdated, corrupted institution and at the service of the ruling classes, among them, the criminals, who operate as bureaucratic bourgeois wannabes, since they have known how to approach the State to reproduce and legitimize themselves.

This is not a “failed State”; because it has never been “not failed.” It is what it is, an instrument of domination of the big bourgeoisie and big landlords, if in order to get their class role, they have to take fascist, criminal, etc. characteristics, they will!

The big bourgeoisie and imperialism can no longer continue ruling as they have done until a few years ago, it is necessary that the masses are not willing to live as we are living. Breaking this contradiction will determine the necessary leap we must take to launch ourselves into the conquest of Power. Not doing so makes us complicit with the gangs, the government and the State, which at the end of the road, are the same, or has it not been seen?

We organize, fight or die! There is no other way. If it is not State, the “brave police and military” who “neutralize” us it will be the violent ones, in any case, that violence serves imperialism, it is obvious, behind this bloodshed their corporatizing and oppressive plan is being fulfilled.

“It is time for national unity,” says Correa’s movement, government, police, military, union centers, indigenous leaders and many others. Do they collude? Of course! Under no circumstances can we unite in the struggle of a supposed common enemy of Ecuadorians when it is the people and only the people who give the victims and the blood. We cannot unite with our executioners to combat their adversaries who are circumstantially uncomfortable for them. There is nothing such as national unity, it does not exist, it is the verbiage of opportunists. If we ally, they will be the oppressed. The masses, the unity is only possible among people ideologically related, beyond that, it is a cheap speech from those who, in the end are concerned with saving the old State and sustaining this outdated society.

More difficult days are coming. Today they are “the bands”, tomorrow the violent men will knock on our doors, those who do not let us be dragged by the bureaucratic current, of those who believe in full life, in a new society, in a new Power, in new institutions that are at the service of the great majorities, of those who with conviction and determination we believe that revolution is possible and a task that under no condition or point of view can be postponed.



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