Turkey: The Week of Commemoration of the Martyrs Continues

We publish an unofficial translation of an article by Yeni Demokrasi.

The “Week of Commemoration of the Martyrs of the Party and Revolution” continues with grave visits in many regions of Istanbul.

The graves of Ahmet Muharrem Çiçek, Mehmet Zeki Şerit, Cemil Oka, who were among the cadres of the Party of the Proletariat in Istanbul Topkapı Cemetery, were visited. A moment of silence was observed at the graves. Carnations were left at their graves. The grave of Manuel Demir, a revolutionary martyr, was visited in the Armenian Balıklı Cemetery.

The graves of Ali Ekber Atmaca and Kemal Soğukpınar were visited in Hasköy Cemetery. A commemoration was held at the grave of Süleyman Cihan, the 2nd General Secretary of the Party of the Proletariat in Feriköy Cemetery.

In addition, the graves of revolutionary martyrs Helin Bölek and Berkin Elvan in Feriköy Cemetery were visited and carnations were left.

Additionally Partizan Austria is organizing a Commemoration Event for the Martyrs of the Party and Revolution in the Austrian city of Wörgl on Saturday, January 27.

The call states:

“We commemorate those who were at the forefront in our 52-year-longstruggle, those who sacrificed their lives without hesitation, as the most outstanding of our struggle. Our martyrs, who devoted their short lives to the struggle to create a world without borders, cruelty, exploitation and injustice, continue to illuminate our path.”

The “Week of Martyrs of the Party and Revolution”, will also take place in Stuttgart, Germany, on January 20, and in Zurich, Switzerland, on January 21.

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