Yankee imperialism and its lackeys murder political opponents in Yemen

Map of Yemen: Source: mapsoftheworld.net

Recently, by the bourgeois media BBC, it has come to light that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has used a network of Yankee mercenaries for years. These mercenaries were hired to kill political opponents and to train armed groups in Yemen. Initially, these mercenaries and the role of the UAE was mainly linked, supposedly, with the realization of anti-terrorist actions and fighting against al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.

The training provided to the Yemenites at the service of Yankee imperialism, was carried out through UAE with Yankee mercenaries hired since 2015. The UAE of course has denied the facts, stating that it has not murdered anyone who was not linked to terrorism. In total there have been more than 100 murders in a period of three years. The entire operation begins with the open involvement of the United States and the United Kingdom from 2015, with their strong support for the coalition of its Arab lackeys, led by Saudi Arabia, which had the UAE as the “main partner” or “key ally”. UAE had the main mission being the US “key ally against terrorism” in the area, with the excuse that al-Qaeda had a strong and prolonged presence in the area.

The reality is that of these more than 100 murders, it is reported that more than two thirds belonged to Islah, the Yemenite branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is the main political opposition to the UAE regime, and is an organization that is banned in numerous Arab countries. The first murder would have been committed in 2015 of December and the objective was located and followed closely by a Yankee security company called Spear Operations Group. Human rights groups have investigated 160 murders committed in Yemen between 2015 and 2018. Only 23 of the murdered people had possible links with terrorism. The last of the murders committed was last month, killing an imam.

Additionally, although the operation supposedly was dedicated to fighting Islamist terrorism, al-Qaeda militants were recruited to continue the objectives of the imperialists and the UAE of continuing to kill political opponents in the area. This hiring occurred through a paramilitary group based in southern Yemen, trained, financed and formed by the UAE, the Southern Transition Council.

The role of the UAE in the area has been to be a faithful lackey of Yankee imperialism in the so-called “War on Terror” in the area and in many operations in the Middle East, such as the the war in Yemen. The history of using mercenaries by Yankee imperialism to support the UAE and other lackeys in the Middle East is notorious: groups of senior retired military officers, military intelligence companies, etc., have been supported and authorized to carry out their military activities, under the protection and the direction of Yankee imperialism. In addition to this hiring of mercenaries of which Yankee imperialism was aware, the US also provided constantly armed, logistical, intelligence and financial support, to Saudi Arabia and the EAU.

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