Increase of the attacks against Yankee imperialism in the Middle East

Featured image: map of the attacks against Yankee bases from the month of October. Source: Inews

On Sunday the 28th of January the Yankee military base, Tower 22 in Jordan was attacked by a drone. The attack occurred during the early morning, taking the Yankee military completely by surprise. At the moment the result is three killed and more than 40 injured, many of them seriously injured. This has been the most effective attack against Yankee troops since 2021, when 13 Yankees soldiers died in an attack in Kabul. According to several sources, the number of injured and deceased could increase because there are many seriously injured, and the number of injured has not stopped growing since the first report on the attack. As has been reported by Yankee officers to the bourgeois press, from Friday 26th of January till Monday 29th of January, they had received six attacks, and this attack has been the culmination of this increase in attacks made against the Yankees military.

Tower 22 is a Yankee military base that is located at the northeast corner of Jordan, bordering with Iraq and Syria, and serves as a fundamental logistic point for the operations of Yankee imperialism in the area, especially in Syria. At the base there are approximately 350 military troops, and in Jordan there are about 4,000.

Satellite picture of the Yankee military base in Jordan, Tower 22. Source: Planet Labs PBC / AP

Location of the Yankee military base. Source: The Guardian

Yankee imperialism suffers blows in multiple places in the Middle East. In total since the 17th of October, Yankees have received more than 170 attacks from various resistance organizations, attacks that have no signs of stopping but rather to continue increasing. The Red Sea is another point where Yankee imperialism suffers attacks and casualties. Recently it had two other casualties when two of its Navy Seals disappeared in the sea during an assault on a boat, being considered dead. Yankee imperialism is also suffering attacks by Ansar Allah (known as ‘Houthies’). Recently, two attacks against Yankee military ships have been reported: the first was on 27th of January against the destroyer USS Carney, against which a missile was launched. Yankee imperialists themselves admitted the magnitude of the challenge that they are facing: “The attack on the destroyer USS Carney marked a further escalation in the biggest confrontation at sea the U.S. Navy has seen in the Middle East in decades.” On Monday the 29th of January it was known that the Yankee Mobile Naval Base, the USS Lewis B. Puller, had received an attack while sailing through the Gulf of Aden. Ansar Allah’s military spokesman, Brigade General Yahya Saree declared: “[The attacks will continue] until the aggression is stopped, and the siege is lifted on the people of Palestine in the Gaza Strip”.

The State of Israel constantly reports about how it intercepts rockets from Lebanon, or how it launches air attacks on Lebanese territory, and does not report on its own casualties or own military objectives. However, Hezbollah has recently published actions in which Israeli soldiers fall into ambushes of guerrillas and armored vehicles are targeted:

In total Hezbollah has carried out 10 actions during Monday the 29th of January, two times the number that it has been doing on a daily average during the past week. All of this, despite the constant Israeli aggressions on Syrian and Lebanese territory. These aggressions have not at all achieved to stop the combative spirit of Hezbollah, but have increased it.

Media of Yankee imperialism admit that the current situation is very dangerous for Yankee imperialism and that the threats and military attacks are not working out to stop the resistance in Middle East: “But it is indisputable that the United States is already embroiled in a war in the wider Middle East, less than three years after Biden officially decreed the end of a two-decade-long combat mission in Iraq that exhausted the US and caused deep political trauma. (…) And missile and drone attacks against commercial shipping in the Red Sea haven’t stopped despite rolling US airstrikes against their launch sites and infrastructure in Yemen.”

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