Norway and Spain: Release the arrested of the LLL-Demonstration!

Featured image: Rally in Oslo, Norway in support of those who were arrested at this years LLL-Demonstration. Source: Kampkomiteen

In Norway and in the Spanish State there has been reports of actions in solidarity with those who were arrested at the LLL-Demonstration in Berlin on the 14th of January.

In the city of Valencia in the Spanish State graffiti has been made with the slogan “Freedom for the political prisoners of the Berlin LLL march”.

Graffiti demanding freedom for the political prisoners of the Berlin LLL-Demonstration in Valencia, Spanish state. Source: Servir al Pueblo

We share an unofficial translation of a report published by Kampkomiteen (the Struggle Committee) on a rally in Oslo, the capital of Norway:

Release the arrested of the LLL-Demonstration!

Saturday the 27th of January Kampkomiteen in Oslo organized a rally on the Grønland-square1 in support of those who were arrested after this years LLL-Demonstration on the 14th of January in Berlin, Germany. To very warm response, fliers that spread the word about the the attack and condemned the attacks on the solidarity movement for Palestine internationally were distributed.

Grønland-square was filled with energetic music in support of Palestine. The activists had a large red banner with the slogan “Support the Palestinian Resistance Struggle! Free Palestine!” and carried the flags of the German organization Roter Bund and the Turkish organization Partizan, to directly address those who without fear confronted the murderers and lackeys of imperialism in the German police.

During the rally speeches where held and slogans were shouted. In addition the rally was supported and supplemented with initiatives from by-passers with slogans for Palestine. There was many good conversations with people who stopped by to show support to the cause and the rally.

1Note by translator: Grønland-square is the central square of a neighborhood central-east in Oslo.

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