ICL: Message of salutes to the Week of the Martyrs

Proletarians of all countries, unite!

Dear Comrades,

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the Week of the Martyrs of the Party and the Revolution. The proletarian vanguard in Turkey, the TKP/ML, decided in February 1978 at its 1st Conference to hold an annual Martyrs’ Week to honor and commemorate the fallen combattants of the party and the revolution. On this important occasion of the 45th Martyrs’ Week, we send our firm proletarian-internationalist salutes to all those who commemorate the heroic martyrs through their struggle against imperialism – for the proletarian world revolution – during this week. In powerful events, actions and the flagging of dozens of graves of militants, they show the weight of the fallen heroes who continue to pave the way of the new democratic revolution in Turkey with their blood.

The Week of Martyrs takes place this year in the context of the 100th anniversary of the death of the great titan of the world proletarian revolution, V. I. Lenin. This great teacher of communists worldwide not only raised the scientific ideology of the proletariat to a new and higher level, he was also a great example of what it means to place one’s own life completely at the service of the last class of history. The teachings of V. I. Lenin must be firmly adopted and applied today as an indispensable part of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

The martyrs of the People’s War in Turkey, which is led by the TKP/ML, embody all those laws which will finally lead to the victory over imperialism, to the defeat of the order of exploitation and oppression. Leaders of the People’s War like Comrade Nubar are proof that the class enemy is not able to extinguish the revolution even through terror, bombs and the basest violence. Comrades like Rosa, who rejected capitulationism and joined the guerrillas, are examples of the fact that the struggle against imperialism must go hand in hand with the struggle against revisionism and liquidationism. In the lives of Nubar and Rosa, as well as the other immortal heroes of the People’s War in Turkey, the path of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya is realized and continued. Firmly based on the work of Ibrahim Kaypakkaya we honor the three immortal General Secretaries of the TKP/ML, Süleyman Cihan, Kazım Çelik, Mehmet Demirdağ, who at their respective times foremost embodied the leadership of the Communist Party. The International Communist League joins the call of the Martyrs’ Week “The martyrs of the revolution are immortal” and expresses the deeply felt pride of having heroes like them in its ranks.

Comrades, we salute all the communists, revolutionaries and all anti-imperialist forces which participate in the Week of Martyrs. Remember all those heroes of the people who have given their lives in the struggle against imperialism, like the fearless fighters of the Palestinian liberation struggle, who are inflicting severe blows on imperialism in these weeks and months. Hold high the fighters of the people’s wars who embody the most advanced ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, and who will forever be in the heart of the international proletariat.

The martyrs of the Party and the revolution are immortal!

In the centenary year of his death – Take up the teachings of the great Lenin even more firmly as an indispensable part of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

Long live the TKP/ML and the TIKKO and TMLGB led by it!

Long live the proletarian world revolution!

International Communist League,

January 2024

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