Copenhagen: Solidarity with the attacked LLL-demonstrators

We publish this unofficial translation of a report published by Socialistisk Revolution.

On Sunday the 14th of January the yearly Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg-demonstration was held to mark the life and work of the great revolutionaries. For this demonstration the Red League (Roter Bund) hoisted high dozens of Palestinian flags in a Palestine-block in solidarity with the Palestinian people and shouted, without cowardly reservations, slogans for the heroic Palestinian resistance struggle.

The police attacked the demonstration brutally and unprovoked under the pretext of ”criminal slogans”, which led to 16 detained demonstrators, 21 injured police officers and that 4 demonstrators had to go to hospital and an elder man was in mortal danger because the police smashed his head against the pavement during the struggle.

In addition, the police is carrying out trials against many of the detained demonstrators and has held two in custody for more than two weeks. In this way the German police has again proved themselves as murderers and protectors of German imperialism and genocide.

On this occasion a rally was held yesterday evening in solidarity with the repressed demonstrators. We have received documentation from the rally, which was carried out on Mimers Plads. Revolutionaries and democratically-minded people held a banner with the slogan ”Freedom for all political prisoners!” together with a flag for the Palestinian resistance struggle and a red flag with a hammer and sickle. At the same time, flyers were distributed to support the accused comrades.

Also the Copenhagen police appeared to provoke the rally and to intimidate activists. The police proves in this way their true role as the watch dogs of Danish imperialism, they themselves wish they could crack down on pro-Palestinian demonstrations like their colleagues in Germany.

Their presence gathered a lot of attention from the passersbys and was condemned by many onlookers. People were not intimidated and the police had to retreat demoralized and let the legal rally continue.

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