AND: Weekly Editorial – Arthur Lira is who governs, no?

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of the Weekly Editorial of A Nova Democracia.

Only the radical struggle, without any illusion about agreements, can guarantee the rights of the people, specially the right to the land for who live and work in it.

The “centrão” is increasingly voracious in its seeking for power. It is already reported that, after taking positions on the board of Caixa Econômica Federal, Arthur Lira’s henchmen are now targeting Funasa and Companhia Docas do Rio Grande do Norte – two other state-owned companies. Furthermore, there is widespread dissatisfaction among “noble deputies” with Alexandre Padilha, Lula’s chief minister, for having failed to fulfill with agreements that would provided for an even larger release of funds in parliamentary amendments. There is already widespread blackmail in the corridors of the Chamber of Deputies, according to which government projects will not be voted on in retaliation for having been deceived. As can be seen, in negotiations between thieves in suits, although unthinkable, there is also ethics and even a code of honor. Obviously, rotten ethics and honor.

The more it gives in to the “centrão” in exchange for the approval of certain packages of measures, the more the “Luiz Inácio government” worsens its fragile situation. Day after day, it has less power of negociation and, therefore, is increasingly pressured by the price of blackmail, which, as in all negotiations of this type, rises as the person being blackmailed finds himself weakened. In this sense, Luiz Inácio is weak, as was Bolsonaro: hostage of the “centrão”, which it controls the agenda and, today also, the budget itself. This means, more specifically: hostage of the “agro bench”, this true party of centuries-old usurpation, loot and latifundium plunder of Union lands and the reproduction of semi-feudal property relations; class of parasites of the Nation, the main support of this anachronism of primary production for export, which the imperialist global restructuring decorated with cutting-edge technology so that it could continue invariably as its complementary economy, and which boasts and flaunts the farce of developed capitalism; it is the support of the imperialist domination that subjugates the country and the basis of this agonizing fake of a democratic republic; in summary, the imposing bolt of the historical pendency of the triumphant democratic revolution. An ultra-reactionary scum that until yesterday, was a large-scale Bolsonarist front line. After more than a year, nothing has changed in this regard either.

The expected economic crisis in the much praised “agrobusiness” only puts the government even more in the power of evildoers. The failure of the soybean harvest, which in the main productive regions could reach up to 20%, together with the drop in the price of commodities (as a reflection of the ongoing wars, slowdown in the global economy and the recent crisis in the Chinese real estate sector) and the increase in the cost of production due to climatic phenomena should produce strong shocks in latifundist production. The large estates, which do not enter to lose, have already transferred the problem to the government: “solve it”. The “Luiz Inácio government”, which so far has not presented a feasible proposal to revive the myth of the bankrupt official “agrarian reform”, has already expressed – through the Minister of Agriculture – that emergency actions will be carried out to help “agro”, as an offer of credits, renegotiation of debts and support for the flow and sale of goods. Well, what a gift, just to the primary sector of the economy, always privileged and which returns the country to its main status as a producer of raw materials, which does not pay taxes and does not even pay taxes to social security! Was this the promised government of social justice? It is a government completely handed over, tied up and sold to the “agro bench”, to the lords of the local and regional oligarchies and to their head, the former Bolsonarista Arthur Lira, a bunch of people with whom the PT/Luiz Inácio and his people-selling they have always submitted themselves to govern against the interests of the Nation and the impoverished masses, masses that deceive and manipulate by promising “worlds and funds”. However, they manage to illusionate less and less! Pelegos, servants, lackeys, country-sellers!

Specially, the peasant masses struggling for land are increasingly freeing themselves from the centuries-old illusion, periodically renewed by the electoral farce, that land possession and ownership will be democratized with the blessing of the current government. More than 130 years of a semi-feudal republic, of indecent privileges from those above, of deceit, of lies, of atrocious injustice have taught the peasantry to trust in their own strength and in their combative organizations. Only the radical struggle, without any illusion about agreements, can guarantee the rights of the people, specially the right to the land for who live and work in it.

Only the agrarian revolution can lead the people and the Nation to a triumphant democratic revolution!

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