Greece: Bomb explosion in front of Labor Ministry

Featured image: image of the emergency services after the explosion of a bomb in the center of Athens, Greece. Source: Greek City Times

As the newspaper Yeni Demokrasi reports, this Saturday February 3rd a bomb, which only caused material damage, exploded in front of the Labor Ministry in Athens, the capital of Greece.

The bomb was put in a abandoned bank branch, which is in from of the Ministry itself. At 00:49 local time, the newspaper Efimerida ton Syntakton, received a call saying that a bomb will explode in 40 minutes in front of the Labor Ministry. Half hour later, at 1:29 am, the bomb exploded. There was no injured or dead, only material damage, as the windows of the Ministry and in the next buildings.

This person, during the call, also stated that the bomb was done by the Revolutionary Class Self-Defense” group. At the beginning, the Greek police thought that the objective of the attack was to destroy the bank were the bomb was, however, they conclude that the final intention was to provoke damage in the government building, that is why the bag with the explosive was left in higher floors, just in front of the Ministry. The police itself believes that this attack is a symbolic attack, without victims, inside a bigger plan.

On the past month of December, the group “Armed Proletarian Justice” claimed the responsibility of a bomb discovered in Kokkinopoulou street, near the central headquarter of the police. Now, the police is trying to see if the bombs and groups have links. The last time, the group allegedly published a manifesto in a Anarchist website, in the manifesto the bomb was dedicated to “to all those who have been murdered, tortured, beaten, raped by the Greek Police” and they also assure that they will repeat the attack.

With this news attacks, the police fears a “new wave of terrorism in Greece” and the Minister of Citizen Protection, Michalis Chrysochoidis, has already said that they are not going to allow it.

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