Yeni Demokrasi: The assets of our reporter Ertan Çıta were frozen

We publish this unofficial translation of an update from Yeni Demokrasi on the case of their persecuted journalist Ertan Çıta. You can read our earlier update here.

The assets of our reporter Ertan Çıta were frozen.

According to the decision published in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the assets of 11 people in Turkey were frozen.

The assets of our reporter Ertan Çıta, who was released on January 26 after four months of captivity, were frozen. In the published decision, it was seen that in addition to Çıta, the assets of Mehmet Güvel, one of the TAYAD, who was arrested on February 9, were also frozen.

Ertan Çıta will object to the decision in question.

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