Struggle in Palestine and actions of support all over the world

Featured image: pro-Palestinian protesters upholds the Palestinian banner in a great demonstration in London. Source: AFP

The State of Israel, supported by imperialism, mainly Yankee, continues to carry out its genocide against the Palestinian people. Today it is the 135th day since the beginning of the massacres in the Gaza Strip, and the most recent genocidal campaign with the bombing in all possible forms against Rafah continues. Until yesterday, the total number of murdered was 28,858 people and the injured rose to 68,667 people. We have already repoted on how there were protests worldwide against Israeli aggression against Rafah.

Meanwhile, imperialism, mainly Yankee, continue to support the Zionist aggression while hypocritically announce their concern or conversations with Netanyahu for the disproportionate use of force or due to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The reality is that Yankee imperialism continues to provide armament to the State of Israel, especially bombs to continue massacring the Palestinian people. In addition, the US Secretary of State, Blinken has stated that it is an extraordinary moment for the State of Israel to continue to strengthen ties with the Arab States, since they wish to normalize their ties with the Israelis.

The National Resistance Front of Palestine continues to fight fiercely against the Zionist occupation in Gaza. Actions against the supply lines of the Israeli army are reported in Khan Younis by the al-Quds brigades, the armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, by the Al-Mujahideen brigades, and by the Martyr’s Brigades of Al-Aqsa. Objectives in Israeli cities such as Ashkelon have also been hit.

Also in the Occupied West Bank, the Palestinian people struggle bravely. In Jenin, after a demonstration, clashes broke out between the protesters and the Israeli repressive forces.

There has been actions also in the State of Israel, and the resistance has shot against Israeli settlers in Ashdod, eliminating three and injuring other 6.

In Lebanon the Israeli army has again bombarded the south of the country, killing at least seven civilians on Wednesday night. For its part, the Islamic resistance has hit numerous Israeli military objectives, eliminating several soldiers and damaging military facilities. Hezbollah has also strongly hit Israeli objectives during this week, eliminating an Israeli and wounding seven others.

The Arab lackeys of Yankee imperialism are providing help to the State of Israel and collaborating with the repression of the solidarity movement with the Palestinian people. The Jordanian people continue to protest and block the communications and supplies to the State of Israel from the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia that cross Jordan towards the territory occupied by the State of Israel.

Jordanian protesters against the cross between Dubai and Haifa that provides supplies to the State of Israel. Source: Al-Araby Al-Jadeed

The Jordanian State has sent its troops and has avoided blockages, isolating the protesters and dispersing them several times, thus fulfilling a fundamental role for the interests of Yankee imperialism, ensuring supplies for the State of Israel.

Imperialism is also deploying its offensive against solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people that arrives from Yemen. Last month the White House decided to again call the Houthis a terrorist organization. Since Friday, February 16, this has become effective, so now there is a justification within the bourgeois legality, to attack in every possible way the support of the struggle of the Palestinian people by the Yemeni people. On the other hand, German imperialism has already approved the deployment of troops in the Red Sea to combat the Houthis, a total of 700 German soldiers will be deployed at least until February 2025. The support of the Yemeni people has not languished facing the new attacks and threats of imperialism. The Houthies have recently successfully hit a British oil tanker who was heading to India:

This week the people has also come out to the street in several provinces of Yemen as in Saa’da and Saná, to protest against the genocide committed against the Palestinian people and encouraging the peoples of the world to take actions against the State of Israel and the USA .

Great mobilization in Yemen in support of the Palestinian people. Source: Ahlulbayt News Agency (ABNA)

In Egypt, an overwhelming support from the people in football stadiums has been reported, where songs and repeated slogans have been seen in support of the Palestinian people.

In other countries of the world there has also been great support for the struggle of the Palestinian people and many actions against the genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel and imperialism, mainly Yankee. Here we show some of them.

In Brazil during the Carnival in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, a large Palestinian flag has been deployed as the Carnival march. In the march itself, there were also numerous flags and balloons with the Palestinian colors, and a large Palestinian flag.

In Ireland there have been numerous actions these days. There has been a great demonstration in Dublin, which has attracted protesters from the whole country, demanding the cease of Israeli aggression. The demonstration has gathered tens of thousands of people. In the mobilization, two activists have been arrested and the police have violently attacked protesters.

After these arrests, Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland activists and SDP met in front of the police station deploying banners and flags, demanding the release of the detainees and stating that the resistance and support of the Palestinian people would not stop.

In France, the Ligue de la Jeunesse Revolutionaire has made numerous graffiti in support of the armed struggle of the Palestinian people, demanding the liberation of Georges Abdallah and in defense of the National Resistance Front of Palestine.

Also in France the revolutionary newspaper La Cause du Peuple has published its editorial No. 75, especially mentioning the Palestinian National Resistance and its role in the world context, the solidarity of all the peoples of the world with it, as well as denouncing how the French State has linked resistance and support to it with terrorism and has used this excuse to repress the French people, although being overwhelmed by the masses.

In Finland there was recently a great demonstration in Tampere in solidarity with the Palestinian people. People came to the mobilization from Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Kuopio and Turku. According to the protesters, there were 500 attendees, they denounced that Finnish imperialism provides weapons to the State of Israel, and genocidal policy of Israel was denounced.

In Kristiansand, Norway, there was a demonstration, as every week, last Saturday, organized by the Palestine Committee and the Palestinian Association.

In Munich, Germany, a Security Summit was held, that was attended by high ranking military officers from NATO, weapons dealers, chiefs of State, etc. Outside of where they were having the meeting, there was a big protest which gathered thousands of people, where the murder of thousands of people in Gaza as well as the German policies becoming more aggressive and the police attacks against the LLL demonstration were denounced. Readers of Partizan Germany and AGEB’s members who came from all around the German State were also present.

In Bremen, Germany, there was a mobilization which gathered nearly 2.000 people that even national press wrote on. The protesters also denounced the role of Yankee and German imperialism.

March in Bremen, with images of Netanyahu, Biden and Scholz, denouncing the role of the State of Israel and German and Yankee imperialism. Source: Tagesschau

Also in Bremen, the Red League is calling for a presentation on next Thursday on the struggle of the Palestinian people.

Poster of the call. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

Also in Berlin there was a pro-Palestinian demonstration that gathered more than 1,200 people.

Demonstration in the neighborhoods of Neukölln and Kreuzberg. Source: Rbb24

In Madrid, Spanish State, there was a demonstration that gathered 15,000 people demanding the end of the genocide in Gaza and freedom for Palestine. In the demonstration some bourgeois ministers and other politicians were trying to take advantage of the mobilization, but were denounced by groups of protesters, denouncing the collaboration of the Spanish State with the State of Israel and chanting slogans in support of the Intifada.

Pro-Palestinian protesters in Madrid. Source: Fernando Sánchez/Europa Press

In addition, the revolutionary newspaper Servir al Pueblo has shared a part of its Editorial No. 9, entitled “Condemned to Succeed”, especially dedicated to the Heroic Palestinian National Resistance, defending that it must be supported without reservations, and that they continue to resist and that the State of Israel does not see its victory clear.

In London, the United Kingdom, there has been a huge demonstration that marched to the embassy of the State of Israel, that gathered between 200,000 and 250,000 people. The demonstration has resulted in several detainees, including one for anti-Semitic symbols, demonstrating the criminalization carried out by the United Kingdom against the support of the resistance of the Palestinian people.

In New York, USA, thousands of students made a great march crying out for the end of genocide in Gaza. Several of the students were arrested during the demonstration.

Bellevue, Washington, USA, we have received reports of a march that was held for Palestine by revolutionary highschool students on the 28th of January.

Also in the USA, the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was repeatedly interrupted by students in a speech which was being held in the Columbia University. The students categorically repeated to her, that she is a war criminal. Afterwards they said to her: “The people of Libya, the people of Iraq, the people of Syria, the people of Yemen, the people of Palestine, as well as the people of America will never forgive you.”. Then the students said to her that she will burn and “Free Palestine” was chanted.

In Naples, Italy, this week pro-Palestinian protesters met in front of a television network that supported the genocide perpetrated by the State of Israel and denounced their dark role. The riot police violently charged the protesters.

At Shinjuku Station, Tokyo, Japan, pro-Palestinian protesters demanded the end of the genocide in Gaza and a ceasefire.

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