INDIA: On the murder of the protesting peasant by the old State

Featured: Subhkaran Singh, murdered peasant from Punjab. Source: Countercurrents

Hereby we publish a call made by Campaign Against the State Repression we have received.

Campaign Against State Repression (CASR), a collective of almost 40 progressive democratic organisations is giving a call for protest against the killing of 24 year old protestor Shubh Karam Singh and bullet injury to multiple protestors by Haryana police firing in farmers protest at Khanoari Border. We are observing that the government is employing brutal suppressive tactics like building concrete blockade, dropping tear gas from drones, large scale use of stun grenades, pellet guns and now live bullets on farmers who are trying to reach Delhi to protest for their 12 point demands.

We believe that these suppressive military scale tactics, erstwhile seen in conflict zones like Bastar and Kashmir, on people’s democratic right to protest and put forth their demand is very detrimental to the democratic space in the country and should be resisted to reclaim our democratic as well as constitutional rights.

Media, being one of the important pillars of democracy, we appeal you to join the protest and amplify the message of protest and the concerns of the farmers struggle.

Venue – Jantar Mantar, Delhi

Date – 3 PM on 23rd February, 2024



Also the Indian peasant’s organization Samyukta Kisan Morcha has issued a statement on this murder, and we reproduce it below:

The Prime Minister and the Executive Not Implementing the Agreement with Farmers Responsible for the Causality and the Present Crisis

The NCC and GB Meeting of SKM on 22nd February 2024 Will Take Decisive Action to Advance the Struggle

SKM strongly protested the brutal police repression and murder of a farmer Shubkaran Singh (23) of Ballo Village, Bhatinda district in the Police firing in the Haryana Punjab border. As per the report available around fifteen people have been seriously injured in the repression. This is a brutal assault on bread earners from farmer families when they were protesting only for the implementation of the written promises made by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister and the Executive that failed to implement the agreement with SKM signed on 9th December 2021 are solely responsible for the present crisis and the causality.

The SKM taking the state of affairs in the Punjab border with due seriousness and the National Coordination Committee and the General Body meeting on 22nd February 2024 will discuss the situation comprehensively and take decisive action to advance the struggle.

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