Communist Party of India (Maoist) – Annals of 2023

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Communist Party of India (Maoist)

International Affairs

Central Committee

Dear Comrades,

Red Salutes!

Let us express our heartfelt revolutionary greetings on behalf of our Party on the eve of new year to each and every of the Maoist Party and revolutionary forces including all the democratic, national liberation and anti-imperialist forces across the world. The CC, CPI (Maoist) conveys its hearty revolutionary greetings to all the well-wishers, friends and supporters of Indian Revolution abroad who rendered their great contribution in propagating the Indian State‟s encirclement and annihilate military campaigns against the Indian Revolution and help advance it with the utmost steadfastness, revolutionary zeal and spirit.

Our Party is retaliating the „Reactionary Surajkund Strategic Offensive Plan‟ since last one year with great sacrifices and contributions of Indian toiling masses and well-wishers, friends, supporters of Indian People‟s Democratic Revolution and gaining new achievements. It is advancing the New Democratic Revolution in semi-colonial, semi-feudal India in the path of Protracted People‟s War with the aim of establishing Socialism-Communism all over the world. This is a brief report of the important aspects our Party‟s efforts in the Ideological-Political, Military and United Front including Cultural front of CPI (Maoist) during the past one year for friends and comrades of Indian Revolution abroad.

Firstly we pay humble revolutionary homage to all the martyrs and heroes who shed their blood for the cause of Indian Revolution. Our party met with a great loss of a member of the Polit Bureau of the Central Committee Comrade Katakam Sudarshan apart from another 78 comrades. Nearly 20 of the martyrs are woman comrades. The entire Party, PLGA red warriors, United Fronts and revolutionary masses conveys its red salute to those brave hearts who sacrificed their lives from the liberation of the masses from the shackles of semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism. We pledge to take forth their ideals.

We hail the great revolutionary determination of our comrades, members of the CC Comrades Jaspal, Mohit, Janardhan (PBM) and Mangtu and hundreds of activists of the Party, PLGA, RPC and RMOs who are in the dungeons of Indian State and reiterate that we would take forth the efforts for their unconditional release.

International situation

The year 2023 was one more year of the intensification of Imperialist crisis and inter-imperialist wars on oppressed nations and oppressed people in a bid to redivide the world for loot of land, natural resources and labour power. The Zionist Israeli state highly intensified its bloody war on Palestine making genocide with the backing of US Imperialism together with its western imperialist alliances. Nevertheless it could not defile the aspirations of the heroic Palestinians with the great solidarity of world people.

The last 22 months of uninterrupted US-Russia bloody proxy war in Ukraine has entered the year 2024 with the cost of hundreds of people‟s lives. 2023 was the year of strikes against the loot and exploitation of capitalist system and its war mongering. US declared it year of Strikes. In the semi colonial semi feudal countries India, Philippines, Turkey, Peru, Afghanistan and Brazil where New Democratic Revolution with socialist perspective is marching forward under the banner of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. The revolutionary movement went through gruesome repression by the reactionary governments with the support of Imperialism, mainly US Imperialism.

In the background of the intensification of the general crisis of capitalism there are considerable changes in world politics. US hegemony over the world has suffered a setback and it is no longer a super power in the multipolar world. However, US continues to be the Number One enemy of the people of the world. Global capitalist system is in a state of generalized and protracted stagnation and decline. Presently, intense mass unemployment, homelessness, inflation, racism and fascism characterize the Imperialist countries. Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Nanotech, Biotech technologies are leading to retrenchment of lakh of toilers, employees and technicians and to employment less growth in developed and developing countries.

There is collusion and contention between the Imperialist powers but contention is the main and primary. Trade wars between Imperialist powers reached a new height especially in semi- conductor commodities that is popularly known as „chip war‟ between US and China. The US is steadily increasing its military presence in Asia. It is handing over large numbers of deadly weapons to Philippines and Taiwan in opposition to China. China is utilizing the G-77 alliance of the most backward countries for its interests of world hegemony. US has now based Nuclear- capable B-52s in Darwin (Australia) and in Guam in order to target China and maintain its hegemony over the Pacific Ocean. The situation is increasing the danger of World War III.

We have been witnessing a spate of anti-imperialist struggles in the backward countries and a spate of working class struggles in capitalist-imperialist countries all over the world. The sharpening fundamental contradictions at the international level are – 1. The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people 2. The contradiction between bourgeoisie and proletariat in capitalist, imperialist countries 3. The contradictions among imperialist countries and among monopoly capitalist groups. The contradiction between imperialism and oppressed nationalities and people is the main contradiction. These developments show that in 2024, the situation would be more favourable for revolution.

Domestic Situation

India is deeply impacted by the intensification of contradictions between Imperialist powers and other contradictions at the international arena. In this situation the major contradictions of India are also intensifying. US Imperialism utilized G-20 and especially India‟s Presidentship to further its interests. Lakh of crore were spent for the G-20 meeting at the cost of decline in the economy of the country. During his tenure, Modi is playing the role of a salesman in inviting Finance Capital from MNCs into the country.

India’s accession to the US-led Minerals Security Partnership (MSP) is bound to create a conducive environment for establishment of Special Export Zones of raw materials in a large scale to G-7 countries. Just after few days of this deal, Indian government under BJP rule has amended Environmental laws and Minerals Acts to facilitate the loot and plunder. Indian ruling classes are lackeys in the hands of the Imperialist countries. Currently, India is one of the largest importers of arms and weapons in the world and is also bound to increase its arms exports to Asian and African countries by 5 billion dollars annually by 2025 with the help of US. It is a fact that most of this goes to the MNCs.

In the name of ease of doing business, the fascist BJP government is making amendments to several laws and abolishing the earlier laws, few of which were achieved through people‟s struggles in the interests of domestic and foreign corporate companies. Corporatization and Militarization is the trend in the last one year of Modi’s rule. The government took a drive for hyper privatization of national resources and productive forces to provide excessive profits to Comprador capitalist class and Imperialist powers. India is witnessing an unprecedented livelihood crisis in its history.

The central government repeatedly states that India is going to become the third largest economy in the world at 5 trillion dollars. But its announcement to provide 5 kgs. of rice per month to 80 crore people reveals the reality of the rising inequality in its rule. The growth being boasted by Modi is only corporate and jobless growth, the three major sectors of the economy i.e. Agriculture, Industry and Service being corporatized. The growth without improvement in the living standards of the toiling classes is nothing but sham. While speaking of corruption free India, Modi is in fact helping the Comprador Bureaucratic Bourgeoisie such as Adani and Ambani to increase their wealth. Adani was given a clasped hand to overcome the effect of Hindenburg report on his empire of wealth.

Agricultural sector on which 60 percent of the Indian population remain dependent is in a dire situation. Cost of production in agriculture has skyrocketed by 20 percent in the past one year. The income of small and medium farmers has a minuscule increase of 2 percent. Real Wages of the agricultural labourer that comprises 15 crore labour force further declined. According to new wage codes the minimum wages of workers is fixed at Rs. 178 per day that is an all-time low. Unemployment among the educated youth is at all-time high.

India is moving towards a fascist state at a rapid pace under the regime of Brahmanic Hindutva fascism since the last 10 years. There is an unprecedented rise in exploitation and oppression on the proletariat, semi-proletariat and the peasantry. The struggles of workers, farmers and students are being suppressed in fascist manner. There are increasing attacks and military suppression on the struggle for national liberation of the people of Kashmir. The Supreme Court of India passed judgment in favour of annulment of Article 370 A and asserted the nullification of the nominal status of a special state to Kashmir. Religious thinking and religious frenzy are introduced into politics to spread communal hatred in the people.

Modi’s rule turned absolutely bureaucratic involving violence and deception together and continuously. This turned to be daily gimmicks of the government. Attacks on Muslims, Christians, Dalit, tribal, women, students, youth and all other oppressed people and sections has surmounted and they are being consigned to second-class citizen in their own mother land. The criminal elements in the BJP are encouraged to unleash all kinds of inhuman, cruel deeds on the people of the country.

Nearly half of the MPs of BJP are involved in criminal cases related to women, one of them being the infamous President of Wrestling Federation of India (WFI). The world witnessed how the police manhandled the woman wrestlers who achieved great fame to the country, on their way to the new Parliament building on the day when Modi was involved in its inauguration in the outdated mode of Hindutva rituals. In a series of developments, three wrestlers expressed their strong dissent to the government. The atrocities committed on the Kuki-Zoma tribal people of the North Eastern state of Manipur is another clear and recent example. Bulldozer has become the symbol of nationalism under the fascist BJP rule and especially in states of double-engine government (states under BJP rule). Unable to cope up with the situation there is a rise in suicides in these sections.

Crore of rupees are spent on building Hindu temples, mainly Ram mandir instead on education, health and other such basic needs of the people of the country. The aim of these activities is to instigate religious fundamentalism in various forms in a bid to divide the people on religious lines. It is meant to take them back to the medieval times and shed them of their scientific and secular ideas as true citizens of the country. The BJP government brought several draconian laws like new three criminal laws and Data Protection bill to curb the dissent and the revolutionary, democratic voices of the country.

The BJP government wants all its ill deeds go unquestioned and continue its oppressive governance. The suspension of 146 Parliament Members of the opposition parties in the recent session of Parliament is a clear example of Modi government‟s autocracy. The policies of BJP reveal that it does not respect even the nominal federal, democratic aspects of bourgeois democracy. However, the “INDIA” alliance is no exception. Whichever the party is, the ruling classes of India possess Brahmanic Hindutva ideology. In this situation, workers, students, youth and women are taking up militant struggles to live a normal life.

In this international and domestic situation, the fundamental contradictions in the country namely – 1. The contradiction between imperialism and the Indian people; 2. The contradiction between feudalism and the broad masses; 3. The contradiction between capital and labour; 4. The internal contradictions among the ruling classes – are further intensifying creating favourable conditions for revolution.

The reactionary Surajkund strategic offensive plan

The BJP works under the dictates of the Rashtriya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) in order to take forth its agenda of Brahmanic Hindutva, the establishment of a Hindu state in the country. Putting together all the ongoing repressive measures, it reviewed in 2023 December the reactionary Surajkund strategic offensive plan that it brought forth in the end of October 2022. The Prime Minister personally attended the meeting that was stated to have discussed about Left-Wing Extremism (LWE) as they call it, cyber-crime and terrorism.

The main objective of the offensive plan is to eliminate the Party, PLGA and the organs of people’s organisation, Revolutionary People‟s Committees and the entire revolutionary movement. The state apparatus of Central and State governments was made more impetuous “by deploying police, Para-military, Commando, Military and Airforce in a big scale in the areas of revolutionary movement, extension and strengthening of carpet security”. There were aerial strikes on revolutionary masses and leadership of the party. There is massive war of negative propaganda with the help of corporate media against not only the revolutionary movement but on each and every voice of dissent. Intellectuals, Writers, Poets, Human Rights activists, Students, Tribal activists, Trade Union leaders, farmer leaders and all progressive forces are being targeted through this policy in the name “pen-yielding” Maoists.

Surajkund policy is crucial for the BJP to win the General Election in 2024 and to fulfill its design to make India into a country of Brahmanic Hindutva. The government is intensifying various reform programs in the name of “development” in Maoist areas, Kashmir and the North East. Instead of developing cordial relations with the neighbouring countries, Modi’s government is strengthening border security and coastal security and heightening the war like tensions with the neighbouring countries. In the light of 2024 General election, it is launching various repressive campaigns in Bihar, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Odisha, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Keralam and so on. It is putting an iron heel on the struggling oppressed sections in all states of the country. Intense and unceasing campaigns are being unleashed in the Special Areas, Guerrilla Zones and Guerrilla Bases and areas of revolutionary movement. The government stipulated a time period of 2 years initially and had been continuously extending it, the recent one being 5 years. Presently it decided to launch “Operation Kagaar” to encircle the area of Maad.

Now let us look at some of our efforts comprising ideological- political, military, organisational spheres and in United Front.

Ideological-Political Work

The party took up varied tasks centralizing the main task of overcoming the temporary setback in the revolutionary movement at the all India level.

1. The document on “Changes in Relations of Production in India-Our Political Program” released by the CC was taken among the entire ranks of the party as an educational campaign. This is being followed by an in-depth understanding of the situation in the respective areas and adopting corresponding tactics.

2. A campaign was launched for two years and a Key paper released on the occasion in October in order to fight back Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism. The paper highlights the concrete conditions that led to the emergence RSS in the year 1925, its role in the freedom struggle and its rise to political power in the year 2014. The essential features of Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism have been made out in the key paper. Theoretical analysis has been done on the issue of religion and Indian society from Marxist perspective. The paper defines Indian fascism as “comprador bureaucratic, feudal fascism”. In order to combat Hindutva fascism, our party framed a program. The campaign shall be a large scale propaganda and agitation in the coming two years against the theoretical ideology of the Sangh Parivar, its politics and its fascist practice and attacks, by mobilizing the vast revolutionary, democratic, secular, patriotic forces and oppressed people so as to politically isolate and defeat it and contribute to advance the New Democratic Revolutionary movement.

3. Our Party participated in the seminar through sending a Paper to the seminar held on “Imperialism and War” conducted by NDFP in mid-October last year in a European country. The seminar paper based on the analysis of imperialism made by the great Marxist teacher Comrade Lenin. It stated that the present situation shows the intensification of the fundamental contradictions of capitalism in the era of imperialism. The paper wrote about the earlier World Wars and analysed the present situation of looming danger of another World War. It wrote about its understanding provided by Comrade Lenin that the world proletariat must fight to end imperialist war and in case it starts, must take up the task of “transforming the war into a civil war”. It ended with the quote of the great Marxist teacher Comrade Mao that the present trend in the world is of Revolution.

4. It issued a Joint Statement on Russia-Ukraine war and a joint declaration on the occasion of the 130 the Birth Anniversary of Comrade Mao.

5. It issued a statement and a video on the occasion of the 55th Foundation Day of Communist Party of Philippines.

Coming to ideological-political work within the party, applying the Marxist principle of “from the masses to the masses”, our Party was successful in conducting several political campaigns and movements in the last one year with the active involvement of Party committees, PLGA, United Front and revolutionary masses. The CC called upon the democratic, revolutionary organisations to fight back the various anti-people bills brought forth by the BJP government at the centre such as Uniform Civil Code, Digital Protection Data Bill and the New Forest Conservation Act. It exposed the reality in the Women‟s Reservation Bill that would not come into implementation for a long time even so. It extended solidarity to the people of Manipur struggling against the divisive policies of the BJP government also in the state. It extended solidarity to the national liberation movement of Palestine where the people are facing heavy bombings and killings from the Israeli Zionists with the support of US imperialists and other western powers.

A statement was issued by our CC on the occasion of World Proletariat May Day for consolidating the proletariat class against the threat of Imperialist wars. Messages were circulated by our CC on the occasion of observation of Martyrs day on July 28, the celebration of Party Foundation Day on 21 st September and the PLGA Day on 2nd December. These celebrations and other occasions of meetings and demonstrations where the effigies of Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu and Narendra Modi were burnt in protest to Israel war on Palestine, Corporatization and Militarization was opposed invigorated the Party and the revolutionary masses with revolutionary zeal and in countering the heinous propaganda on our Party and the revolutionary movement by the enemy.

The party took up several political and military education campaigns to educate the cadres of the Party, PLGA and United Front. Special meetings of women activists of various ranks were held in continuation to those in the earlier years. These meetings helped to deeply understand the problems faced in the process of their participation in the revolutionary movement and to work for a better understanding of the cadres towards patriarchy. With the efforts in the past years the revolutionary movement witnessed increase in women‟s leadership at various levels and also recruitment. Recruitment Campaigns were taken up at the mass level in villages, towns, districts and cities of India. Special classes were held on Mode of Production, Nationality question and the Political Resolution of the CC in the Special Areas, Special Guerrilla Zones and States.

Military work

The main effort in the military sphere was to defeat Brahmanic Hindutva fascism and counter-revolutionary Surajkund policy as a part of overcoming the temporary setback in the revolutionary movement. Following the dictum of “learn warfare from warfare”, PLGA comrades gained new experience in the battlefield. The enemy forces comprised of National Security Guards and Garuda forces of the Indian Air Force under the direction of Home Minister Amit Shah launched an aerial attack to inflict severe damage to our leadership. But the alertness and strong counter offensive tactics of our PLGA comrades nullified the nefarious plan of the enemy. In that retaliatory action 3 commandos of Garuda and NSG forces were annihilated and 6 commandos were injured. Further, three modern combat helicopters were badly damaged. This heroic counter- offensive highly motivated the PLGA forces and revolutionary masses whereas the morale of the enemy forces was profoundly demoralized.

In the last one year under the guidance of our Party several guerrilla actions were taken up by our PLGA forces. PLGA made efforts to intensify and widen guerrilla war with the aim to overcome the temporary setback and advance the revolutionary movement. Some of the prominent ones are as follows:

On 26th April, 2023 in Darba Division in Aranpur our PLGA guerrillas annihilated 10 District Reserve Guards (DRG) in IED blast through Tactical Counter Offensive Campaign. This has brought nightmares to enemy forces. The daring Aranpur ambush was unexpected and shocked the enemy with a tunnel being dug beneath the main road where mines were arranged.

In Bihar-Jharkhand of Eastern Regional Bureau region, our brave PLGA warriors are showing infinite courage and war skills in resisting fascist onslaught from past one year. In West Singhbhum region of Jharkhand, our PLGA comrades wiped out 15 police and injured 90 police forces in the unceasing patrols of the government armed forces of the central and the state governments.

In the several guerrilla actions in guerrilla zones and red resistance areas a total of 75 police personnel were wiped out and 163 were injured. Our PLGA annihilated some police informers, 10 anti-people elements, particularly fascist BJP leaders in the past one year. Our Party has taken special TCOCs during elections to state assemblies.

The revolutionary people and their militia, the base force of PLGA dug thousands of spike holes in order to restrict the capricious movements of the police personnel. Revolutionary masses developed general alert system like firing crackers when the police personnel enter revolutionary areas.

There are incidents where the PLGA could break the encirclement of the police forces through strong retaliation like in Odisha. There were serious losses too. In Bihar-Jharkhand, five comrades of which two are members of SAC were killed through poison in an enemy covert action. In Dandakaranya a DvC member died in a covert operation in firing. Three comrades were caught as they were going to make a guerrilla action in Gadchiroli. A Commander of Local Organising Squad (LOS) was caught and killed in Telangana.

Special Military leadership training programs were held in several zones and divisions in the last one year, with the objective to train the Politico-Military leadership corresponding to the changes in the military tactics of the enemy.

United Front

The Revolutionary People‟s Committees (RPC) and the Revolutionary Mass Organisations (RMO) worked with the task to fight back the present reactionary Surajkund strategic offensive of the enemy in order to overcome the temporary setback in the revolutionary movement. Thousands of revolutionary masses were mobilised in the revolutionary land reform campaign of the RPC held early every year. Other revolutionary development activities were taken up to raise the living standards of the people. The RPCs also held people‟s courts to eliminate the enemy‟s intelligence network in the villages.

The RMOs took up struggles against the setting up of new police camps in the areas of revolutionary movement and against fake encounters. lakh of people mobilised to observe the Martyrs week and to celebrate other revolutionary days. The people participated with utmost vigor in the meetings. The RMOs also implemented the call given by ICSPWI to celebrate Martyrs Day for the whole month of July. This helped the masses of our country to know about the revolutionary heroes of the world who laid down their lives for the cause of socialist revolution.

Several mass movements such as against Brahmanic Hindutva Fascism, displacement, Corporatisation-Militarisation both legal and underground mass movements were built in the past one year in towns, plain areas and cities, against Corporatization-Militarization of Forest belts, against imperialist loot of natural resources of the country, against displacement due to corporate development model, against the amendments of Forest Conservation Act and the draconian Acts and for the implementation and protection of Panchayats Extension to Special Areas Act (PESA).

On various occasions along with intellectuals, students, human rights activists and civil society we formed united platforms against state repression, illegal arrests, detentions, fake encounters and aerial bombings. The RMOs took up the program of boycott of elections called by the party. The people of Guerrilla Base Areas totally boycotted the elections.

People demonstrated in large numbers against the fake encounter of two villagers of Gomme near Koyilibeda of Kanker district in Chhattisgarh. Following this, an indefinite demonstration was launched.

People‟s Cultural Organizations in the past one year undertook several programs including making of audio and video presentations to propagate progressive, New Democratic and communist values in the masses. It also took up special programs to expose Brahmanical Hindutva Fascism in forms of songs, plays, dance, poetry and short films. The revolutionary cultural artists are upholding the mass struggles in their cultural programs and immediately responding to the ongoing developments in the domestic and international spheres, against state repression and martyrs.

Several students and teachers organisations are working together against the New Education Policy of RSS-BJP to saffronise and privatise the education system. They are also raising their voice against the rise in the cost of education and curtailment of “academic freedom” in higher education institutes. Several urban Mass Organisations are working together such as the students‟ organisations against ragging, several kinds of organisations against BHF and in solidarity to Palestine. Acting on the call of the party to take up demonstrations in solidarity to Palestine, people of various areas of the revolutionary movement in the country held meetings, processions and protest activities. A special propaganda campaign was taken up in protest to the repressive measures on the revolutionary movement in Jharkhand that was followed by all India Bandh on December 22nd . People blocked a Railway line in Jharkhand on the occasion demanding a stop to police patrols into the villages and setting up of police camps.

In the given international and domestic situation, there is a rise in the people‟s struggles and resistance. There is a rise in people‟s struggles for right to land and forest, against land mafia and against corporatization-militarization even in those areas from where our Party had to temporarily retreat due to enemy’s severe repression. The process of organising the people in secret organs, building armed formations, joining youth in PLGA and thus rebuilding the revolutionary movement in such areas is going on. The people of the country are further in the path of fighting for their right to jal-jungle-zameen-ijjat-adhikar (water-forest-land-self-respect-political power). The situation is growing further favourable for revolution.

The party understands that the fascist repression is going to intensify in the coming days and also that anti-Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist movements will come into being with great intensity. Isolating the enemy politically is the need of the hour. We need to unite the anti-Brahmanic Hindutva Fascist, anti-Comprador Bureaucratic Bourgeois, anti-feudal and anti-Imperialist forces and work to bury Imperialism. The party pledges to strengthen its ideological-political, military, organisational efforts to fight back the reactionary Surajkund strategic offensive, overcome the temporary setback in the revolutionary movement and advance it. With its decades long experiences in working among the people fighting back fierce repressive campaigns of the Indian state, the party is strongly determined to take forth the New Democratic Revolution in India as a part of the World Socialist Revolution. It steps ahead in the path of Protracted People‟s War through Agrarian Revolution as an axle of New Democratic Revolution, uniting the four oppressed classes on the basis of worker-peasant alliance.

Workers and Oppressed people of all countries, Unite!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!Long live Proletarian Internationalism!


i/c, International Affairs

Central Committee

CPI (Maoist)

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