INDIA: CASR – Condemn the brutal detention of protestors

We publish the document from CASR sent to us.

Condemn the brutal detention of protestors at Jantar Mantar for standing in solidarity democratic rights of farmers to protest for their demands.

23rd Feb, 2024

Campaign Against State Repression, a coalition of over 40 organisations, called a protest against the brutal crackdown, tear gas and stun grenade shelling, use of pellet guns and killing of Shubhkaram Singh and other protesting farmers by Haryana Police. We inform with utmost concern that our protest has been curbed by Delhi Police to suppress people’s assertion for democratic rights against state repression. The protestors have been brutally detained, women protestors have been manhandled by male officers. Sharda Dixit, ex school Principal of All India Save Education Committee is badly affected and unconscious. Almost 25 protestors, including students, lawyers and professors including Prof. Nandita Narain and Prof. N Sachin are detained.

We believe that by putting up concrete blockade and using above mentioned means to stop the farmers from protesting against their doom at the hands of the state and the corporates, Indian state under the leadership of Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist BJP-RSS is exposing it militaristic and fascist nature blatantly, which needs to be resisted by patriotic, democratic minded and justice loving people.

It is important to point out that the farmers are protesting against the imperialist aggression on our country in the form of WTO, for the just demands of MSP, waiver of farmer’s loans, and ensuring the right of tribal peasantry over their land, water and forest, among many other demands. These demands are being replied by militarized force, the likes of which we witness in Bastar when drones are used to drop bombs on people and in Kashmir, when Pellets are used on people of oppressed nationalities. Such militarized repression is very concerning for the future of the country and needs immediate attention of the people of country and the world.

We, Campaign Against State Repression, call upon all the Patriotic, progressive democratic and Justice loving people to stand in solidarity with the farmers right to march to Delhi and demand the government to cease its brutal suppressive tactics.

We Demand:

  1. All concrete blockades must be lifted and farmers be allowed to march to Delhi.
  2. Initiate independent judicial inquiry into the crackdown on Shambhu and Khanauri border and hold the officers and personnel responsible for killing of farmers, injury to others and destruction of properties of the farmers.
  3. Stop threatening and harassing the Farmer Union leaders and Farmers with threats of attachment of property and other penal actions.


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