Germany: Supposedly former RAF member arrested

Featured image: because they had no recent picture of her police sought with a 30-years-old picture for Daniela;

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of an article published on DEMVOLKEDIENEN:

In Berlin, Daniela Klette, who was sought as a member of the Red Army Faction, was arrested by the police. Daniela Klette supposedly belongs to the so-called third generation of the RAF and is said to have been fleeing since its dissolution in 1998 with two other RAF-members.

The public prosecutor announced yesterday that the arrested was Daniela Klette. The 65-year-old has been fleeing since she went underground in the early 1990s. Yesterday she was in an apartment in Berlin Kreuzberg, where she lived under a fake name. The said apartment in Kreuzberg is said to have been rented through a third person. In the apartment, the police allegedly found a foreign pass and ammunition, but without the associated weapon. Daniela’s neighbors describe her as friendly and told the journalists of the bourgeois press that she regularly gave mathematics tutoring to children from the neighborhood.

The German judiciary accuses Daniela for attempted murder and various tried and completed serious robberies. However, it is all about her activities after the RAF dissolved. Together with the other two underground alleged RAF combatants Ernst-Volker Staub and Burkhard Garweg, she is said to have financed her life underground with robberies. Even the RAF has been dissolved, there is still the possibility that Daniela will also be convicted in addition to the robberies, also according to paragraph 129 a, “membership in a terrorist association”. Membership in the RAF is actually time-barred, but the upcoming question is whether the judiciary defines the attacks committed as activities of the RAF or not.

The State has been looking for higher intensity against the three RAF combatants since the beginning of February. Recently there was an TV-episode in the so-called “Aktenzeichen XY … ungelöst” handling quite sensational the so -called “RAF Trio” and appealed to the German subservant and snitching spirit. Apparently with an excessive success, because according to the editors of the show, 250 information from spectators received them. A short time afterwards, a major operation by the police in Wuppertal was also triggered, with an uninvolved old man, threatening and arrested by the special units of the police with assault rifles. Previously, the police had a call from someone who thought recognizing the older passers-by recognized as one of the RAF combatants they were looking for. Ultimately, the crucial indication for Daniela’s arrest was supposedly also given by a snitch. However, some time before the show aired in November 2023. The police did not reveal more information about the given note or the denunciations.

There are currently numerous attacks by the class-justice in the FRG. There are regular demonstration bans and attacks on protests while increasingly larger population groups are demonized and their bourgeois democratic rights are denied. At the same time, there are increased repression against left-wing structures. House searches take place regularly and the rotten German State is increasingly trying to put anti-fascists into jail. In the middle of this situation, the reaction is also increasingly looking for those people who fought the State with the weapon in their hands and have not been found by it since then.

Now after yesterday’s arrest, the German repression authorities are enjoying their success, in the hope of showing strength and intimidating resistance. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced in a message from the Ministry of the Interior: “Nobody should feel safe underground.” Of course, this does not apply to the approximately 600 fascists sought by arrest warrant, which went underground.

Even though Daniela has now been arrested, she managed to avoid the persecution of the repression authorities for over thirty years, together with her companions.

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