More actions for the 8th of March

Featured image: Demonstration in Oaxaca, Mexico. Source: Sol Rojo Mx

We publish a compilation of further reports on actions for the 8th of March.

In the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, the People’s Women’s Movement joined the march called by the heroic section XXII of the SNTE-CNTE. Women of the people, cooperative members, housewives, women workers and democratic teachers took the streets shouting “Proletarian feminism destroys the patriarchy!” During the march, support was also expressed to the heroic national resistance of Palestine.

The march progressed from the mother’s monument to the central square of the city. Flyers calling women to join the movement and explaining the difference between proletarian feminism and bourgeois and petty-bourgeois feminism were distributed. The People’s Women’s Movement held speeches during the march, emphasizing that class is what separates us, not gender, and that the agenda is proletarian revolution, not the so-called “gender-ideology”.

As the march advanced towards the central square, it was seen that many businesses and banks had covered their windows with plywood, and the governmental palace, as well as the pavilion at the central square were also surrounded with fences and other obstacles, in an attempt to prevent the protesters from holding their rally in the end of the march. Shouting slogans, the protesters removed the fences and took over the pavilion to make their message to be heard.

After the rally, presentations were made in the forum “The Women of the Section XXII in the 21st Century”, discussing problems faced by education workers.

In Hamburg, Germany, the Red Women’s Committee organized an event regarding the International Women’s Day of Struggle. In the event, proletarian feminism was explained and the origins of the oppression of women and some aspects of the situation of women in the Federal Republic of Germany were discussed. After the presentation, the audience made questions and there was discussion.

An event was organized by the Red Women’s Committee in Hamburg. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

In addition, on the 13th of March an event titled “What is proletarian feminism?” was organized in Helsinki, Finland. In the event, a lively discussion followed a presentation.

An event on proletarian feminism in Helsinki, Finland. Source: Punalippu

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