Palestine: News and solidarity

It has been more than five months since the beginning of the recent military campaign by the State of Israel, the most direct and bloody aggression ever seen. In this time, 31,600 people have been killed by Israeli bombs, missiles, grenades and bullets, but famine and illness are spreading widely after months of blockade in all the Strip of Gaza.

In the north of Gaza, it is calculated that more than 300,000 people are on the brink of famine, and the most affected are the children, dying of hunger and thirst. Now, for all these people, 13 trucks has arrived in Jabalia and Gaza City. It is clear that the ‘aid’ that imperialist countries provide is only to wash their hands in the midst of the massive protests that the peoples around the world are carrying out. But the Palestinian blood on their hands, their complicity with the genocide, they cannot simply wash away with such a bogus.

The combat actions between Hezbollah and Israel continue after the large-scale rocket-launching by Hezbollah last week, as we previously reported. Today, 17th of March, Israel has launched more rocket attacks in the border of Lebanon. There is no report of casualties.

Also, we publish the international actions done around the world:

On Saturday 17th of March, another rally took place in Jordan to support the Palestinian Resistance.

Three days before, on Thursday 14, another demonstration in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, took place.

And also on Tuesday 12, Amman showed its solidarity with Palestine.

In Morocco, in the middle of Ramadan the people go to the streets to demand the freedom of Palestine shouting “Viva Palestina”.

In the city of Guersif, in eastern Morocco, a massive demonstration took place.

Also in the city of Tangier:

And in Taza:

In the city of Mohammedia a massive demonstration with thousands of people took the streets to support Palestine and its struggle.

In Oslo, Norway, hundreds of people gathered again to rally for Palestine and against the genocide carried out by the State of Israel:

In Ottawa, Canada, hundreds of people gathered to support Palestine on 16th of March.

In Sweden, a rally took place to support the Palestine struggle.

In València, Spanish State, a graffiti in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people has appeared.

Source: Servir al Pueblo

In Copenhagen, Denmark, a big demonstration took place on 16th March. Hundreds of protesters took the streets to express their support with the Palestinian people’s struggle. Also, during the mobilizations, activists have distributed a leaflets with a resume of the statement of the ICL on the 18th of March and a call to an activity on Monday, the 18th .

In Helsinki, Finland, a demonstration in solidarity with Palestine took place.

In France, several actions and rallies have taken place:

In Lyon, La Fosse Aux Lyons has put up posters in the public transports of the city to show the genocide in Palestine.

In Toulouse, the Ligue de la Jeunesse Réolutionnaire together with other pro-Palestinian committees addressed the resistance of the Palestinian women against the genocide in a demonstration

Also on Saturday 16, a demonstration that gathered hundred of people took place in Toulouse

In Paris la Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire took place in a rally in front of the Justice Ministry to demand the liberation of George Abdallah and the victory of the Palestinian Resistance struggle.

In Poitiers wall paint denouncing the genocide against Palestine has been done.

Large wall painting in Poitiers, France. Source: Radio France – Clement Tricot

In Geneva, Switzerland a massive demonstration gathered 2,500 people on Saturday 16th of March. During the demonstration motos as “Gaza, Geneva is with you” or “We are all the children of Gaza” were shouted.

Demonstration in Geneva, Switzerland.

Also in Brussels, Belgium, demonstrations have took place to support Palestine.

Also in Seoul, South Korea, hundred of people took the streets shouting “Free, free, Palestine”

In Shibuya City, Japan a demonstration took place

And also in the neighborhood of Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

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