International solidarity against the genocide in Gaza continues

Featured image: Demonstration against the attacks against the Palestinian people, Linz, Austria. Source: Die Rote Fahne

The genocidal campaign of the State of Israel against the people of Gaza continues. At least 31,184 people have been killed, more than 72,889 people have been injured and more than 8,000 are missing. We have previously reported on the genocide and the solidarity of the peoples of the world with the people of Palestine.

Today Hezbollah launched around 100 rockets at Northern Israel and the Golan Heights. The IDF claims to have targeted 4,500 Hezbollah targets mostly in Lebanon but also in Syria.

Yankee imperialism is planing to build a pier in Gaza, supposedly to bring in aid. The Pentagon has laid out a timeline which says the construction could take up to 60 days and involve more than 1,000 Yankee soldiers. A Yankee military ship departed for Gaza on Sunday with the initial equipment required to start the construction. US President Biden has said that the State of Israel will “maintain security” at the pier. There is already a port in Gaza City, however it has been under Israeli blockade for decades.

It is also reported that the IDF has completed the construction of a new road across Gaza.

New road built by the IDF in Gaza. Source: BBC

There have been more reports of actions around the world in solidarity with the Palestinian people and the National Resistance Front of Palestine during the last week.

In Linz, Austria, hundreds gathered in a demonstration to end the attacks against the Palestinian people. The speakers at the demonstration primarily denounced the rulers of Austria, and Austria’s direct military participation and support for Israel and the associated breach of neutrality.

In Saint-Denis, France, nearly 500 people took part in a demonstration in support of the Palestinian people last week.

In Nantes, the newspaper La Cause du Peuple organized a march from the neighborhood of Malakoff, which joined the demonstration in the city’s center. Anti-imperialists slogans where shouted, Georges Abdallah was reminded, and there were confrontations by the demonstration cortege against companies such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and Carrefour.

Demonstration from the Malakoff neighborhood towards the center of Nantes. Source: La Cause du Peuple

In Berlin, Germany, thousands of people gathered in a demonstration under the slogan “Solidarity with Palestine – Stop Genocide Now” on the 9th of March. The Red League also took part in the demonstration, and the newspaper “Rote Post” was sold.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, the danish Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen, was invited to hold a speech at an 8th of March event. When she started her speech, she was immediately condemned by activists from the Palestine Solidarity Network and people from the audience who shouted slogans such as “Mette, stop your hypocrisy!” and “Free free Palestine!”. Banners and Palestinian flags were unfolded from the balconies, and fliers were thrown down. Unable to continue her speech, the prime minister retreated from the event together with other ministers who left because they “felt unsafe”.

In Kristiansand, Norway, there was a demonstration for Palestine on the 9th of March. Kampkomiteen participated under the slogan “Free Palestine!”

In Oslo, Norway, posters have been put up in support of the Palestinian Resistance Struggle.

Solidarity with the Palestinian people was also widely shown in relation to the International Working Women’s Day, the 8th of March:

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