Unwavering Solidarity with Palestine

Featured image: Protests in Britain. Source: Red Flag News

Today it has been reported by the Gaza Health Ministry, that 32,414 Palestinians have been killed, and 74,787 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza. We continuously report on the war.

The hypocritical air-drop-aid continues to kill instead of helping. While several children reportedly drowned while trying to get aid which landed in the Mediterranean, 18 Palestinians were directly killed due to a failed landing of aid.

Meanwhile new information on the flour massacre has been revealed by Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor in Geneva: Targeting civilian gatherings around humanitarian aid trucks with direct gunshots, quad-copters, and Israeli tank shells is one of the most well-documented examples of the unlawful killings and executions carried out by the Israeli army against Palestinian civilians over the past few weeks. These incidents, which have become known as the “Flour Massacres”, resulted in the deaths of 563 citizens and the injury of 1,523 others. This figure includes civilians awaiting aid and workers in charge of planning, securing, and distributing aid.

The world-wide actions in solidarity with the people of Palestine continues.

In the US, activists have blockaded access points into a Kent weapons factory by lying across the road and locking themselves to gates. The factory, a subsidiary of Israeli drone manufacturer Elbit Systems, produces a range of weaponry and military equipment which is used in the ongoing genocide.

Protests in England. Source: Red Flag News

There have also been reports from the UK. Regular national marches that have been held in London which gather crowds of 100,000s of supporters to show their solidarity with Palestine, but the movement has not been solely confined to this, more and more actions in workplaces, campuses and schools are being generated.

From London it is reported that Comrades attended the March 9th national march where over 400,000 people from all different backgrounds expressed great enthusiasm in denouncing the genocidal Israeli State. In the midst of this powerful mass demonstration, comrades engaged in mass work, speaking to the enraged masses from all walks of life, from men to women and religious to atheist to discuss the present Israeli assault on Palestine. Leaflets (Pictured above) were distributed to people whilst comrades engaged in conversation with them and they were received overwhelmingly positively. The need for a democratic, secular one State solution and the necessity for a united front against the Israeli fascist war machine was discussed thoroughly.

In Glasgow a demonstration on the 10th of March showed the unwavering anti-imperialist spirit of the local people and their continued will to stand against the Israeli genocide which is being backed by the British Imperialist ruling class. Comrades in attendance noted the various advanced anti-imperialist lines expressed by the masses in their chants and discussions, linking the Palestinian struggle to the wider anti-imperialist struggle in places such as Yemen and Iraq. The marchers were also quick to reject the notions of “condemning both sides” and a “peaceful, two-state solution”, as pushed by the Imperialists and their supporters, who aim to contain and subdue the growing anti-imperialist movement and prevent it from unifying around a strong, revolutionary line.

Dem Volke Dienen reports that on Friday, the 22nd of March, a demonstration “against genocide and occupation – freedom for Palestine” was organized in Bochum, Germany. A Speech by the Red League focused primarily on the question of the support of the National Resistance Front of Palestine against the genocide and the role of the imperialists, especially US imperialism. It spoke about different important questions that are relevant to the anti-imperialist and Palestine-solidarity movement in the FRG and, above all, made it clear the need for uncompromising anti-imperialism.

First lines of the rally. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

The MLPD did not participate, because it had explicitly been forbidden by the Open Palestine Meeting, to bear flags of bourgeois parties. So they left the demonstration, since apparently their bourgeois respect was violated, since nobody wanted to distance themselves from the national resistance struggle.

The demonstration reached its end in front of the Bochum town hall. On the route that led there, a flag of the Palestinian resistance, including the Red League logo, had already been hoisted across the main street during the day. It caused a lot of a stir and blocked traffic.

In the end, a greeting from the comrades of the United Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah from France, which had sent a greeting to the demonstration in a great manner to show proletarian internationalism, was read out.

Bochum rally banners. Source: Dem Volke Dienen

The most important aspect of the march in Bochum was to consolidate a consistently anti-imperialist point of view among the participating forces. In the question of whether you are on the side of the oppressors or oppressed, there is no middle and those who represented this experienced a clear slap.

In France, Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire shared some pictures of the ongoing campaign for the liberation of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah via Twitter:

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