Follow up on the situation in Haiti

Featured image: Fires in the streets of Port-au-Prince.

Recently it has been reported that the plans of the imperialists, mainly the Yankees, France and Canada, and all the political groups and parties in Haiti, except one, to form a Transitional Council – which we have reported on – have lately faced severe setbacks.

The planed formation of the transitional presidential council, that will be responsible for choosing Haiti’s new regime, led to new unrest. The council has not be sworn in yet due to concerns over the security of its members. The rebellious masses triggered a series of meetings of Caribbean regimes as well as officials from the USA, Canada and France.

Among other things, police stations have been burned, shots have been fire on to the main international airport that remains closed, and at least 4,000 incarcerated from two prisons have been freed. Armed people attacked the bases of two specialized police units in the area of the capital. Gunmen reportedly set fire to a large, open-air garage in downtown Port-au-Prince last Sunday. Also the burning of schools and looting of pharmacies are reported. Roads are closed and only two of five hospitals in Haiti are operational. Scores of people have been killed and more than 33,000 people have fled Port-au-Prince. Some 17,000 have been left homeless. Malnutrition is increasing.

Dominique Dupuy, a UNESCO ambassador, who represented the EDE/RED in the nine-member council, resigned because she became target of political attacks and death threats. Dupuy was quickly replaced, bringing the council back up to its full nine members, seven of which have voting powers, but they have yet to be sworn in as said. On Monday, René Jean Jumeau, who was nominated to represent Haiti’s religious groups in a non-voting position, resigned.

As Haiti’s transitional government struggles to take shape, the powerful armed groups have continued to make advances in the capital, Port-au-Prince, residents of the capital reported according to some media.

Col. Himmler Rébu, a former colonel of the Haitian army and president of the ‘Grand Rally for the Revolution of Haiti’, a party that obtained a seat in the council, said on Tuesday that he believes the council will fail.

Hence, White House spokesperson John Kirby, who stated that the Biden administration hopes to see progress with the transitional government in the coming days, must be quite disappointed. They put a lot of efforts into the transition plan that was brokered in Jamaica by the so-called Caribbean Community (CARICOM), alongside with representatives of Haiti’s ruling classes. The same CARICOM released the list of the political groups who are now part in the council.

The first sights seemed to be positive for the imperialists plans for Haiti. A police operation killed the head of the Delmas 95 gang, Ernst Julme, known as Ti Greg, just one day after another gang leader was killed in what was reported as an apparent resurgence of vigilante justice. The death of Julme, a member of Jimmy “Barbecue” Cherizier’s “Viv Ansanm” alliance, was said to be a setback for the armed groups trying to take over more of the city. Ernst Julme recently escaped from Haiti’s largest prison in a mass jailbreak.

But drowning in blood any unrest will likely fail also this time in Haiti. The measures taken by the imperialist underline that they themselves do not believe in their plans. Around 1,600 Americans have reportedly reached out for help, according to the Yankee State Department. Several hundreds are said to have been evacuated, also by emergency measures as on Wednesday, when two helicopter airlifts from Port-au-Prince evacuated more than 30 stranded Americans to the Dominican Republic. The State Department reiterated that US citizens should not travel to Haiti and should leave the country if transportation options are available and safe.

Since Monday, Canadians are as well being airlifted out. The government announced on Monday that 18 Canadians, of the 3,000 who remain in Haiti, have already been evacuated via the Dominican Republic while more airlifts are scheduled, as media reported. This shows how little the imperialists trust in their own plots.

Accordingly, on Tuesday, US-President Joe Biden approved up to 10 million US-Dollars in emergency assistance for the Haitian repressive forces to regain control and push forward the plan of the Yankees, as White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said. The money is from the US Department of Homeland Security budget and shall be used for further armament.

Also a Plan B came into play, which shall grant power to a judge from Haiti’s Supreme Court to select the country’s new leaders. Not only Himmler Rébu and his party are supporters of this plan. The Protestant Federation of Haiti also issued a statement on Monday backing the selection of a Supreme Court judge who would serve as interim president and choose a prime minister.

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