US approves new delivery of bombs and war planes to Israel amid protests

Featured image: Kites flying over Rafah amid plumes of smoke. Source: Al Jazeera

The Land Day, Yom-al-Ard, was celebrated for the 48th time in Palestine and among the Palestinian diaspora all over the world on the 30th of March to commemorate protests against Israel confiscating 2,000 hectares of Palestinian lands in 1976. In these protests, six Palestinians were murdered and over a 100 were injured by the Israeli Forces. Meanwhile, Israel continues the genocide in Gaza, with over 32,700 people massacred.

A rally in Bethlehem, occupied West Bank for the 48th Land Day. Source: Al Jazeera

In Deir Hanna, in the north of annexed Palestine, a demonstration was held for the Land Day

Despite in words calling for “restraint” in Gaza and for the first time not vetoing a UN resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire to Gaza, the US has authorized $2.5bn worth of war planes and bombs to be transferred to Israel. The package includes more than 1,800 MK84 2,000-pound bombs and 500 MK82 500-pound bombs. This type of bombs can cause destruction in a radius of hundreds of meters and are linked to earlier bombings with high number of civilian casualties in Gaza.

Last Thursday, the International Court of Justice made a new order again calling Israel to “take all necessary and effective measures” to ensure the entry of aid into Gaza. After the original ICJ order, the amount of aid let in by Israel has decreased, and Israel has shown no signs of respecting the court order. On the 24th of March Israel openly told the UN that it will not be allowing UNRWA aid convoys to enter northern Gaza. UNRWA is the main agency providing aid in Gaza, and its funding has already been cut by many imperialists due to Israeli allegations. We have earlier written on Israel using famine as a weapon here and on its crimes against humanity here.

In addition, Israel carried out air strikes in the Aleppo province of Syria, killing at least six Hezbollah fighters and at least 33 Syrian civilians. Dozens have also been injured, some seriously. This is the deadliest attack by Israel on Syria since October 7th.

The IDF is carrying out a military operation in the al-Shifa hospital complex, where 30,000 displaced Palestinians, medical staff and patients were trapped as of the 18th of March, and is facing fierce resistance from the Heroic Palestinian National Resistance Front, which is among other things bombarding the enemy with mortar shells in the vicinity of the hospital. Multiple clashes have been reported. Al-Qassam Brigades has reported on the 29th of March having targeted Israeli Merkava tanks, destroying one completely. They have also clashed with a group of IDF soldiers barricaded inside a building, killing and wounding multiple of them in the vicinity of the al-Shifa hospital. Multiple IDF soldiers were wounded and killed also near Nasser hospital near Khan Younis. Al-Quds Brigades report they have wounded and killed IDF soldiers in an ambush west of Khan Younis. Israeli sources report that a sergeant major of the IDF was killed and 16 other soldiers were wounded on Friday in Gaza. On the border to Lebanon, Hezbollah continues carrying out air strikes against Israel.

Meanwhile, peoples of the world continue calling for the end of the genocide and showing solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people.

A massive demonstration in Jordan, in front of the Israeli embassy to protest against the Israel crimes in Palestine

In Casablanca, Morocco, another demonstration took place:

Also in the city of Tangier, Morocco on 25th of March:

In the city of Qom, in Iran, a huge demonstration took place to condemn the recent crimes of the Zionists.

On 28th of March, a demonstration in Cairo, Egypt took place outside the journalist syndicate. The march was called by the syndicate itself and chants as “Liberation with a riffle” were shouted.

This week, another demonstration took place in the Matareya neighborhood, also in Cairo:

In the capital city of Yemen, Sanaa, a huge demonstration took place to support the people of Palestine.

In Tokyo, Japan, a demonstration was done in front of the train station of Shinjuku.

On March 23rd in Quito, Ecuador, a demonstration in solidarity with Palestine took place.

In Chile, a massive demonstration took place in the streets of Santiago de Chile to demand the immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

Massive demonstration in Chile. Source: ABNA24

In San Francisco, in United States, a massive demonstration took place. The demonstration demanded the stop of the financing of Israel by the US.

In London, protesters occupied the government Department for Business and Trade on Friday morning and denounced its links to arming Israel.

In Berlin, protesters organized a sit-in at a staircase at the Berlin Central Station on Friday the 29th, shouting slogans for the freedom of Palestine. The police repressed the protest, and arrested and beat up protesters claiming they were shouting ”banned” slogans.

In Greece, a military parade for the national day of Greece was briefly disrupted by protesters who ran in front of a tank waving Palestinian flags.

In Valkeakoski, Finland, ICL posters supporting the heroic national resistance of the Palestinian people were put up.

In Copenhagen, Denmark slogans have been painted.

In Ljubljana, Slovenia, an event attended by the European Parliament President Roberta Metsola was disrupted by protesters demanding action to stop the genocide Israel is carrying out in Gaza. “Stop genocide in Gaza! Sanction Israel now!” they shouted.

Protesters unfurled Palestinian flags and shouted slogans against the genocide in Gaza. Source: Anadolu Ajansı

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