Spanish imperialism gives up another port to NATO

Featured image: the frigateNavarra’, which carries out military actions in the framework of the NATO’s Operation Sea Guardian. Source: Diario Menorca

As the newspaper from the Spanish State, Servir al Pueblo, reports, the Spanish State, tool of Spanish imperialism, has given up another port to the NATO, which will use it as military base.

This is the third port given up by the Spanish State to the NATO. In this case the port is located in Maó, Menorca, and it is being used since April of last year as a support base for the NATO operations and there are no limits or restrictions for using this port. Its main uses are “dissuasion and protection before terrorist attacks, knowledge of the sea surroundings or the development of regional abilities of security”. According to the bourgeois press, this base would serve as support in case of having attacks as the ones which the Ansar Allah, “the Houthis”, are carrying out in the Red Sea. This port is in short distance from ports that are in Africa and outside of NATO’s territory, as the Alger’s port, Algeria. Thus, Maó joins the other two Spanish State’s ports, Cádiz and Murcia, which currently are giving support tot the alliance dominated by Yankee imperialism.

Together with the port, this year it is expected that the Spanish State will provide with more resources to the Operation Sea Guardian, as a submarine, a maritime vigilance plane, a frigate, a supply ship and a patrol ship with special operations equipment to act in case of crisis. The amount provided by the Spanish State to this military mission is of 27 millions of euros, and the overall amount provided to the NATO is of 200 millions of euros.

The revolutionary newspaper Servir al Pueblo highlights social-democracy’s, which in 2023 was in the government which was defined by themselves as the “the most progressive government in the history”, bankruptcy. However, they did not hesitate to hide purposefully the giving of this base to the NATO even from the local bourgeois government, which now has heard the news. Now the same social-democrat Parties express their “disapproval” due to the militarization of the country. They are trying to avoid the fact that they were in the government when the whole operation was prepared. Servir al Pueblo also highlights the involvement of the false PCE (the so-called “Communist” Party of Spain) in the whole operation as was and is part of the government: “we must remember that the usurped and false PCE of Enrique Santiago is part of the coalition Unidas Podemos. If the General Secretary of the PCE shown his big hypocrisy when he declared that ‘we are against the NATO but Spain has international compromises’, now we see this increased.”

With these examples we see the militarization of the imperialist States. The Spanish State is not the only European State which increases its ties with NATO and Yankee imperialism. For example, we recently reported on the increase of US military bases in Norway and the Finland’s membership to the NATO:

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