Gaza: Israel murders 7 aid workers – US congressman calls to “get it over quickly” “like Nagasaki and Hiroshima”

Featured image: Branded armored car of the World Central Kitchen directly hit by IDF strike killing 7 aid workers. Source: Ahmed Zakot/Reuters

Since the 7th of October the State of Israel has murdered at least 32.845 people in Gaza as a part of the genocide they are carrying out there. More than 13.000 of the murdered are children. More than 75,392 people have been injured, and more than 8.000 people are missing, likely murdered by the State of Israel.

On the 1st of April 7 aid workers with the World Central Kitchen (WCK) was murdered in an Israeli airstrike. The aid workers were in branded vehicles when they were hit while leaving a warehouse. The victims of the attack were Australian, Polish, UK, and US citizens as well as Palestinians. They were helping with distributing food and other supplies in northern Gaza. The CEO of the World Central Kitchen denounced the attack: “This is not only an attack against WCK, this is an attack on humanitarian organizations showing up in the most dire of situations where food is being used as a weapon of war. This is unforgivable”.

The body of a WCK aid worker murdered in IDF strike. Source: Ramadan Abed/Reuters

The WCK has been involved in distributing around 200 tonnes of food brought to Gaza by sea. After the attack against it, it has announced that it will pause its operations in Gaza immediately. Here we want to highlight two aspects, starting by the fact that of course the killing of foreign help workers is one more war crime committed by the Israeli Armed Forces, but it seems somehow cynical that the governments in imperialist countries seems more upset by the fact that some foreign citizens are killed than 32 thousand Palestinians, there is not less imperialist chauvinism in this. Secondly we do not think the attitude of the WCK is worthy of respect, in stead of staying with the Palestinian people of Gaza, who heroically fight, they prefer to protect their own skin, which is a luxury of the imperialist philanthropist.

We have previously reported on the imminent famine in Gaza, and the State of Israel using starvation as a weapon of war as a part of its genocide against the population of Gaza.

Also on the 1st of April the IDF withdrew from the al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, after a two-week operation. The hospital, where many displaced people took shelter together with the staff and patents, is now largely in ruins. Witnesses report on hundreds of bodies left in the hospital. According to the World Health Organization 21 patients died at the al-Shifa Hospital. An Al Jazeera journalist reports from the scene: “Buildings in all departments have been burned, and the structure of the complex has been damaged from the inside … From what we can see, it appears the occupation forces deliberately targeted the health sector and destroyed the largest medical complex in Gaza City.”

Al-Shifa Hospital, the largest medical complex in Gaza City, in ruins after IDF operation. Source: Al Jazeera

The State of Israel also carried out a strike on the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria. The attack destroyed the consulate and it is reported that 11 people were murdered, including a Brigadier General and a General of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. This further aggression by the Israelis constitutes obviously according to international law a declaration of war against Iran. It is shown once more, that those who do everything to expand the conflict is the Israeli government and the forces they lead. Particularly, this increasing Israeli aggression is a direct answer by Netanyahu government to sharpening of contradiction in the Israeli society and increasing protest against this utterly corrupt regime.

US imperialism continues its political, economic and military support of the genocide. We have previously reported on a 2.5 billion USD weapons transfer to Israel which the US government approved last week. The Yankees gives 3.8 billion USD in yearly military assistance to the State of Israel. Biden is working to get approval from the US Congress for a 14 billion USD military aid package to the State of Israel and he is also considering a 18 billion USD arms sale, including 50 F-15 fighter jets. The Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, has stated that they will take revenge on Israel and also held the US responsible for the attack.

2.5 billion USD weapons transfer to Israel approved by the US government amid Gaza genocide. Source: Al Jazeera

US congressman Tim Walberg made a clear call for intensifying the genocide in Gaza: “We shouldn’t be spending a dime on humanitarian aid … It should be like Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Get it over quick.”

Activities in solidarity with the Palestinian people continue around the world.

In Amman, Jordan, there has been protest outside of the Israeli embassy for nine nights in a row.

In Mexico, Current of the People Red Sun, in commemoration of the Land Day and honoring the Palestinian people, who has been fighting for decades to free themselves, has done graffiti of the Palestinian flag, making a call to international solidarity: “It is important that the peoples of the world echoes the heroic struggle that sustains the Palestinian National Resistance and we provide all our support and solidarity to the Palestinian people who aspires to freedom and self-determination. Long live Palestine free!”

Also in Mexico City a march was made on March 30.

On Servir ao Povo a video was publish with several recent actions in support of the people of Palestine and its struggle. The video is titled “Palestine Resists, Palestine Will Triumph!” from the Frente Revolucionário de Defensa dos Direitos do Povo.

In Washington, CD, USA, there is a protest camp outside of the Israeli embassy. The protest camp which began 36 days ago, is inspired by a protest camp outside of the home of Yankee Secretary of State Antony Blinken in Virginia.

Protest camp outside of the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC, USA. Source: Joseph Stepansky/Al Jazeera

In France, several actions have been done by La Cause du Du Peuple and the Ligue of the Jeunesse Révolutionnaire

For the Land Day, La Cause du Peuple has publish the revolutionary block in Saint-Denis.

“Long live the Palestinian resistance!” is written on the banner.

In Lyon, graffiti to demand the release of Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, imprisoned for the Palestinian struggle, have been made next to graffiti with the slogan “Palestine will win!”

They have also been reported on other demonstrations for Palestine in France.

In Bordeaux a demonstration on Land Day gathered dozens of people.

Also in Nantes on March 30, a march for Land Day was held.

Also in Paris, where there was also solidarity with Georges Abdallah.

And chants of “ceasefire!” in the French capital.

In Marseille there has been a rally against Israel’s rearmament by France.

In the Spanish State, in Barcelona, some 400 people gathered asking for a ceasefire in front of the EU headquarters, on Gràcia street, one of the main streets of the city.

In Belfast, Ireland, there was a protest in support of Palestine outside of the City Hall on the 31st of March. The protesters criticized the government for not doing enough to stop the genocide in Gaza.

In London, England, 200.000 people participated in a demonstration on the Palestinian Land Day, the 30th of March. Four protesters were arrested, including one for supporting a “terrorist organization”.

Demonstration on the Palestinian Land Day, the 30th of March, London, England. Source: The Guardian

In Copenhagen, Denmark, thousands of people went out on the street protesting in solidarity with the Palestinian people on the 30th of March. As the demonstration marched through the streets, people shouted slogans, graffiti and stickers were put up on businesses known for supporting Israel, and several large Palestinian flags were put up on scaffolding. At the Queen Louise Bridge the flag of Danish imperialism was lowered and replaced with the Palestinian flag. The demonstration ended at the town hall square. The square was filled before the last third of the demonstration had entered it.

Activists from the Anti-imperialist Collective also participated in the demonstration with a banner with the slogans “Long Live the Heroic Palestinian Resistance!” and “It’s Right to Rebel!” in Danish and Arabic. Source: Socialistisk Revolution

In Skien, Norway, a riot erupted as 200 people protested against a match between the Norwegian and Israeli U-19 football teams. It is reported that stones were thrown and fireworks were shot at the Police.

In Bergen, Norway, regular demonstrations in support of Palestine continue three times a week. On Mondays there are rallies at the main square with speeches and a news report on the Palestinian Resistance Struggle. On Wednesdays and Fridays there are shorter rallies followed by marches. There are also larger demonstrations on most Saturdays. Last Saturday, the 30th of March, the Palestinian Land Day was marked.

Kampkomiteen has participated in the demonstrations with a banner with the slogan “Support the Palestinian Resistance!”. Source: Kampkomiteen

In Kristiansand, Norway, the Land Day was celebrated with a rally and march on the 30th of March.

In Oslo, Norway, graffiti has been made in support of the Palestinian Resistance Struggle.

In Stockholm, Sweden, there has been an anti-Israel protest in front of the Royal Castle.

In the German State continues its hard repression of solidarity with the Palestinian people. A video shows the German police brutally arresting a protester at a sit-in against the Israeli genocide at the Berlin central station on the 29th of March.

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