Palestine: The genocide continues after 6 months

It is six months since the launch of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” counter-offensive of the National Resistance Front of Palestine and the launch of the current genocidal campaign of the State of Israel against the Palestinian people of Gaza. According to the latest reports at least 33,175 people, including more than 13 thousand children have been murdered by the State of Israel in Gaza. More than 75,886 people have been injured and more than 8 thousand are missing.

According to State of Israel 604 of their soldiers, reservists and local security officers have been killed, and 3,193 have been wounded during the last six months. In addition 41 IDF soldiers have been killed by friendly fire. 9.100 projectiles fired from Gaza has entered Israel, and 3,100 have entered Israel from Lebanon, according to the IDF.

The State of Israel claims to have killed 13.000 Hamas operatives, however according to Israeli news, several Israeli officials and soldiers admit that this number us not true. Anyone who is inside an area that the IDF has deemed a combat zone is regarded as a “terrorist”. One example was four unarmed Palestinians who were declared “terrorists” and were bombed and murdered by the IDF, because they were nearby a rocket launch site. A reserve officer who were deployed in Gaza explained that “in practice, a terrorist is anyone the IDF has killed in the areas in which its forces operate”

In Tel Aviv, clashes erupted between cops and protesters at a rally with tens of thousands participants against the Netanyahu Government and demanding a hostage deal on the 6th of April. Demonstrators are reported to have made tens of fires. When the police arrested a demonstrator and forcefully pushed back the crowd, protesters shouted slogans against the police and called Itamar Ben-Gvir, the Israeli Minister of National Security, a terrorists. A cop was reportedly punched in the face by a protester. Five protesters were later ran over by a vehicle. One was in a moderate condition while the rest were lightly wounded. Later, the demonstrators marched to the building of Israel’s largest labor union, demanding a general strike. There were also demonstrations in Jerusalem, Be’er Sheva, Haifa, Caesarea, and more locations throughout Israel the same day.

Today it was reported that the State of Israel is withdrawing most of its soldiers from southern Gaza, but still leaving a significant force.

In an article published by the newspaper Die Rote Fahne, it its denounced that also Austrian soldiers have been sent to the Red Sea to join the alliance, led by US imperialism, to combat the Ansar Allah forces of Yemen.

The international campaign in support the the Palestinian people and their National Resistance Front continues:

In Brasília, Brazil, on the 21st of March, students and professors from the University of Brasília (UnB), united in the Front of Struggle for Palestine – UnB, together with the Palestine Solidarity Committee – DF, organized a panel discussion to denounce the crimes committed by the Zionists against the Palestinians and to defend the Palestinian National Resistance.

Panel discussion denouncing the crimes of the Zionists and defending the Palestinian National Resistance, Brasília, Brazil, 21st of March. Source: AND

All over Brazil the Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the Rights of the People (FRDDP – Brazil) continues developing their powerful campaign under the slogan “Palestine Resists! Palestine will Triumph!”.

In Paris, France, there was a conference within the framework of the international month of actions for the liberation of the political prisoner of the Palestinian struggle, Georges Abdallah. Revolutionary Youth League (LJR) made a speech at the conference.

In Toulouse, France LJR has mobilized for several events for Georges Abdallah.

In Lyon, France, LJR carried out several actions this week to demand the release of Georges Abdallah.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, there was a demonstration for the victims of the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza on the 1st of April. After two weeks of attack, the IDF left the hospital in ruins, at least 300 dead bodies have been found there. The demonstration denounced the genocidal action of the IDF as well as Danish imperialism support for the State of Israel. The demonstration marched to a square where fireworks were set off while Palestinian flags were hung from several windows.

In Aalborg, Denmark, a Dazibao with guerrilla soldiers from Peru, Vietnam and Palestine and the slogan “The struggle of the oppressed people against imperialism is always justified” was put up in a proletarian neighborhood. Posters with slogans spreading awareness of the Israeli genocide against the Palestinians were also put up.

Dazibao and posters in support of Palestine in Aalborg, Denmark. Source: Socialistisk revolution

We have previously reported on more actions and news regarding Palestine:

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