Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an article published by Front of Defense of the Struggles of the People – Ecuador.

Yankee imperialism has ordered, at all costs, the comprador bourgeois and big landlord Noboa government to do several legal reforms against the workers rights, and repressive and permissive to the Yankee colonizer interference. In order to reach this goal, they invented a new “referendum” which will be carried out on 21st of April, and which will contain eleven questions. Among the main topics are the worsening of the working conditions such as the hour-by-hour temporary work, the deportation of some “criminals” to the USA, the imposition of the international arbitration, among other nonsenses.

The loss of popularity of the management of the big landlord Noboa stands out. He displayed a plan called “Plan Fénix”, which, according to the big landlord, would serve to “combat the delinquency”. The plan did not work out, as apparently he agreed on the flight of two mob bosses, such as Fito and Colón Pico. Additionally, the increasing crimes such as murders of majors, blackmailing and drug trafficking are leaving the “Plan Fénix” with no effect.

Before this, it was revealed the background of the “Plan Fénix” which had as a goal to repress the people, to scare the poor ones and the ones who we are struggling for freedoms and rights; for example, it was clear what happened in Palo Quemado-Las Pampas, municipalities where the peasants struggled against imperialist mining companies and were labeled by the military heads as terrorists. This caused the rejection of the government by the people.

Additionally, the people’s discontent against Noboa has deepened because of the increasing of the VAT (value add tax), from 12 to 15 per cent. The government gets what it deserves: the lack of payment to the toilers and workers of the public sector, the null social expenses, the rise of the gas and fuel prices, and therefore, of the shopping basket, the lack of employment and a long list of etc., all of these factors are helping the rejection of the big landlord. This without mentioning the crisis of the bureaucratic capitalist State in Ecuador. All of this determined that several organizations are planning protests for the upcoming dates.

To put in context what happened on Friday 5th of April in the Mexican embassy we say: a) bureaucratic bourgeoisie, represented by the former vice-president of the old State, Jorge Glas, was charged and had judicial processes for corruption; b) After this, Glas, in a very dubious way, achieved his freedom and sought refuge at the Mexican embassy, lead by his bourgeois friend AMLO; c) With this pretext, big landlord Noboa launched a new smoke screen in order to make a distraction from the crisis of his government and shows the desperation of the possible defeat in the “referendum”, and then, the policemen raided the Mexican embassy breaking the most minimal bourgeois protocols and they captured Jorge Glas.

As we can see, this struggle among the bourgeoisie is lead by the impotence of Yankee imperialism and of the big landlord Noboa, who wanted to distract the Ecuadorians from the complex economical, political and social problems in Ecuador. Mexican people and Ecuadorian people as well, have nothing to do with this conflict, we repeat, are bourgeois struggles for the administration of the old State. However, we, the poorest, will pay the possible consequences for these disputes between Noboa and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. As the people’s wisdom says well, “what a fool does, not even an earthquake can do”.

What must we do? We emphasize, we are facing a bourgeois big landlord government, which is the incarnation of feudalism, and therefore, will try by blood and fire to repress and cut the rights of the people. In short, in view of the deep crisis of bureaucratic capitalism and the colonizer interference from USA, the popular organizations we must launch new struggle days, because the flagrant violation of rights and freedoms must be combated in the countryside and in the streets, and not in the polls or in the bourgeois institutions.




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