Palestine: Israel prepares for offensive against overcrowded city of Rafah

Featured image: Demonstration in Morocco in solidarity with the people of Palestine on Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, Saturday the 6th of April. Source: Haaretz

The State of Israel continues its Genocide against the people of Palestine after more than six months of their current campaign. According to the latest reports at least 33,207 people, including more than 13 thousand children have been murdered by the State of Israel in Gaza. More than 75,933 people have been injured and more than 8 thousand are missing. In the West Bank the State of Israel has murdered at least 460 people, including 117 children, and it has injured more than 4,750 people.

We have previously reported on the State of Israel withdrawing most of their ground forces from Gaza, there is now more information in this. According to reports the IDF withdrew most of their forces on Sunday the 7th of April, leaving one brigade at the corridor splitting northern Gaza from the south. The State of Israel has no intention of halting the genocide, regarding the withdrawal of their forces the Chief of Staff of the IDF said “the war in Gaza continues, and we are far from stopping.” Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant has said that the purpose of withdrawing their ground forces was to prepare for the offensive against the city of Rafah at the border to Egypt.

Currently more that half of the population of Gaza are in the city of Rafah, most of them having been forcefully displaced there by the State of Israel. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that a date for the offensive against the city has already been set. It is also reported that the State of Israel is purchasing 40 thousand tents to prepare the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from Rafah.

Yankee press monopoly the New York Times claims that Iran is secretly transferring weapons to the West Bank. They claim the goal of this operation is to flood the West Bank with weapons in order to turn it into the next flashpoint in the struggle against the State of Israel.

Yeni Demokrasi reports that Palestinian writer Walid Dhaka was murdered after being imprisoned for 38 years by the State of Israel. Dhaka who had spinal cord cancer was murdered by Israeli prison administration’s deliberate medical negligence towards sick prisoners.

In the increasing protests against the utterly corrupt Netanyahu regime, a protester is accused of having thrown two burning torches at the police, hitting a cop riding a horse. The event is alleged to have taken place last week at a protest against the Israeli government outside of the home of Netanyahu in Jerusalem.

On Monday, Nicaragua urged judges at the International Court of Justice to order a halt to German military support to Israel, just and correctly arguing that German support enables acts of genocides and breaks the international humanitarian law. Nicaragua also accused German imperialism of “rendering aid or assistance” in the maintaining the status quo in the occupied territories. German imperialism rejected the accusations, arguing with the almost useless aid-air-drops they do to white-wash themselves, which literally kills the people in Gaza, as we have reported.

German imperialism has exported 30% of the military equipment purchased by Israel in 2023, being a total of US$326 millions.

The people’s of the world continue the struggle in international solidarity with the people of Palestine, facing hard repression from the imperialists and their lackeys.

In Morocco tens of thousands have recently taken to the streets to denounce the State of Israel and support the National Resistance Front of Palestine. An activist has been sentenced to five years in prison for, in a Facebook post, having criticized the State of Morocco normalizing their relations with the State of Israel. Found guilty of “insulting a constitutional institution and incitement” he was also fined an equivalent of 5,000 USD.

Demonstration in Morocco in solidarity with the people of Palestine on Al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day, Saturday the 6th of April. Source: Haaretz

Denouncing the role of US imperialism in the genocide, Muslims in the USA are reported to have rejected the Yankees attempts at whitewashing themselves by holding Ramadan meals.

In the US capital, Washington, DC, dozens of people gathered outside the White House to protest against Joe Biden’s support of the Israeli genocide. After Biden’s attempt to hold a Ramadan meal failed after several people declined the invitation, the protesters held their own iftar dinner outside of the White House.

Ramadan protest against Biden’s support of the genocide against the people of Palestine, outside the White House, 2nd of April. Source: Al Jazeera

Also in Huston, Texas, in Columbus, Ohio and in New York City the Yankees plan to organize iftar dinners failed after they were boycotted by Muslims rejecting the genocidal role of US imperialism.

Also Yankee imperialism continues its repression of solidarity with the people of Palestine. It is reported that the FBI showed up at the house of a woman in Oklahoma after she shared her opinion on the situation in Gaza online.

At Columbia University, USA, four students were suspended for promoting “use of terror” because they organized an event with speakers who supported the armed resistance of the people of Palestine.

Hence, it is proven again that the electoral demagoguery of the ruling Democrats in regards to its Israel-policy is nothing more than cynical lies hoping to gain some votes, but the people sees through and rejects it.

In London, England, activists have sprayed red paint on the headquarters of the Labour Party, calling for an arms embargo against the State of Israel. At least two of the activists were arrested because of the action.

Protesters spraying red paint on the headquarters of the Labour Party against British imperialism’s arms exports to the State of Israel, London, England. Source: Al Jazeera

In Kristiansand, Norway, there was a demonstration on Saturday the 6th of April, marking 6 months of the ongoing genocide and 76 years of occupation, murder of civilians, displacement and ethnic cleansing.

Kampkomiteen participated with a banner with the slogan “Free Palestine!” in the demonstration against 6 months of genocide on the 6th of April in Kristiansand, Norway. Source: Kampkomiteen

In Trondheim, Norway, there were several activities in support of the people of Palestine on Saturday the 6th of April. At the start of the evening, activists from Kampkomiteen distributed flyers denouncing US imperialism and the State of Isreal for the suffering they have caused the people of Palestine, and for turning Gaza into an extermination camp. Afterwards there was a rally followed by a demonstration march. There was great applause from the participants when the main speaker at the rally highlighted that the armed resistance struggle of the people of Palestine is justified.

In Tampere, Finland, weekly demonstrations in support of the people of Palestinine have continued. Also the military participation of Finnish imperialism in the Red Sea against the Ansar Allah forces of Yemen. Solidarity with Palestine has also been spread with posters, stickers and flyers.

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