We publish an unofficial translation of a bulletin from Sol Rojista.

This morning of April 9, 2024 a harsh operation made up of various corporations as State police, municipal police and State Investigation Agency carried out a shady eviction in the City of Oaxaca, allegedly ordered by a family judge against a young proletarian woman who was born and has lived her entire life in the home of her father, who unfortunately passed away some years ago.

The comrade has been unofficially informed that a wealthy individual with dual Mexican-American nationality promoted a trial in against her, without having been heard or defeated before a court, and now there is an “eviction order” and even threats that they will harm her and her daughter.

This is the second occasion that they have tried to evict her, and this time the police managed to throw her out beating her out of her house along with her brother and her 3-year-old daughter, and Just when they were being detained, the neighbors and comrades of the place came to her aid.

Comrades of the People’s Women’s Movement (MFP) have come in the neighborhood carrying out social work with the community, providing support to women workers and victims of patriarchal violence. This work has been sheltered by the proletarian masses of the Bugambilias Colony where the house of the comrade is located.

The police is especially ruthless when it comes to hitting the people, and it is especially cowardly when it comes to confronting criminals who control entire areas of the city.

During the operation, the police beat up many people and used tear gas, but the resistance of the masses was powerful, managing to recover the property demonstrating that the entire population supports the comrade who was born and raised in her neighborhood, in the house of her parents, which today is intended to be taken away by the “cartel of dispossession” in complicity with corrupt judges, notaries, lawyers and police officers. The guy who wants to take her away is a Chicano businessman of those who are gentrifying our city and our neighborhoods, and he has businesses in Los Angeles, California, one of them is the martial arts gym “Champions Eyes” , located in Ocean Ranche, and now also on the main square of Oaxaca City the “Champion Eyes Sushi & Sake” restaurant has opened.

In the operation the municipal police of Oaxaca de Juárez beat and detained comrade Natalia, a working class woman and MFP activist who expressed solidarity with the family that was being evicted.

Now Natalia is imprisoned and both residents and democratic organizations demand her immediate and unconditional release.

We demand from the different levels of government and institutions in charge of procuring and providing justice to stop evicting proletarian families and stop protecting the “dispossession cartel.”

No more evictions!

Combat and resist!

Stop gentrification in Oaxaca!

Freedom for the comrade Natalia!




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