Mexico: Weekly Newsletter

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of the Mexican part of the weekly newsletter by Sol Rojo Mx:

The contradiction between the masses and the old State is sharpening, and with it the forms of struggle tend to grow even more. Last April 11, the Red Sun People’s Current carried out a couple of mobilizations, one in Tehuantepec and the other in the city of Oaxaca, where they demanded justice for the murdered comrades by the latifundium and its paramilitary groups, particularly remembering the comrades Luis Armando Fuentes Aquino (April 11, 2019) and Félix Vicente Cruz (April 13, 2023). In Tehuantepec the Regional Vice-Deputy Attorney General’s Office was taken and in Oaxaca a march started from the Jardín Madero to the Zócalo, stopping at Independencia Avenue at the Plaza de la Danza where the repressive and electoral attitude of Francisco Martínez Neri, who intends to be reelected as the municipal president of a city submerged in chaos, controlled by delinquency, was denounced. While the march in Oaxaca shouted Not one vote for Neri! or Neri, understand, Sol Rojo is not for sale! the people in the streets applauded the action. In both mobilizations the same slogans were chanted, such as Luis Armando did not die, the State killed him! Felix did not die, the State killed him! as well as Total boycott of the electoral farce! No vote, organize and fight! among others. Youths painted graffiti and put up posters on public buildings, including the Palacio de la Ignominia (Government Palace) where a rally was held with the participation of people who live in the City and are affected by the anti-popular policies of Martínez Neri. Also participated speakers from the CP-Sol Rojo who emphasized at all times the need to pay attention to the demands of the people, being fundamental the demand for justice and punishment of the guilty, calling on the masses to understand the electoral scenario at the gates as a farce where the old State will impose its bureaucratic line of anti-people development, for which the immediate task of this period is the boycott against the bourgeois electoral farce, calling on the people to carry out actions tending to this. In another context, the Committee of fathers and mothers of the 43 missing normalistas of Ayotzinapa issued an statement against the bourgeois electoral farce pointing out that… “We will broaden the protests incorporating other sectors, we will make alliances with the teachers, peasants and indigenous people who today see their rights violated. We will take the struggle to the streets, particularly we call for a boycott of the campaigns and the electoral process”. More and more voices are taking up the call for a boycott against the bourgeois electoral farce, embracing the path of unity of principles and unity in action. Don’t vote, organize and fight!

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