Brazil: AND Editorial – A faithful portrait of the imperialism crisis

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an editorial published by A Nova Democracia.

By imposing itself in such a brilliant and powerful way, with the Al-Aqsa Flood on 7th of October of 2023, Palestine deeply changed the course of the Middle East and is the protagonist of the revolutionary winds that are sweeping across the world.

The direct attack by the Republic of Iran against the territory occupied by the Zionist entity, on the 13th of April, unprecedented in history, is a faithful portrait of the times of general crisis of unprecedented decomposition of imperialism. The more than 300 drones and missiles fired from Persian territory and several others demonstrated, to the Arab and Muslim majority people who oppose Israel, that this genocide machine is a paper tiger. This is because the much promoted “invincible” air defense system, the “Iron Dome”, was unable to protect the occupied territory – requiring support from the air force of three coordinated imperialist States, that were the USA, France and the United Kingdom. But there is more: in a single action, on 13th of April, the Zionist entity spent 1.3 billion dollars to shoot down, hundreds of drones whose manufacturing price is approximately 20 thousand dollars in the case of most of them. Overloaded, the “Iron Dome” scrap metal was unable to prevent the Iranian missiles reaching the Natavim military air base, from where orders came to bomb the Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, at the beginning of the month.

In front of a hard defeat, Israel, isolated, will not be able to respond as it wishes. If it responds in the same proportion as the Iranian attack, it will be condemned and will give Iran every justification, in world public opinion, for new retaliation, without making any miscalculations and suffering heavy consequences. Iran, despite this, will continue its policy of political and military support for anti-imperialist forces in the region, giving free rein to the anti-Zionist and anti-Yankee hatred contained in the immense masses of poor peasants in the Middle East. It is true that the Palestinian national resistance movement, led by anti-imperialist Islamic forces and communist forces, has multiplied, as well as creating the most favorable conditions for the proletarian revolutionary movement to grow and struggle for the leadership of the united front against the Zionist entity and for the complete national and social liberation of the Palestinian people. The fragile stability of the Middle East will quickly become an anti-imperialist torrent, just as the Gaza Strip has already become and which will express, in a condensed form, the warlike and revolutionary spirit of the times in which we increasingly live throughout the world.

This is indeed the faithful portrait of the crisis of imperialism, in which Zionism, as the character that best represents Yankee interests in that region, is being the first to pay the price. There is no doubt, even among Israel’s apologists, that the existence of this colonial and genocidal occupation is threatened like it never was before. How could this be possible, if it were in times of normality or long stability of the “North American empire”?

From a more panoramic point of view, the fact is that the Palestinian National Resistance condenses and truly embodies, in a way that highlights, the “spirit” of our time. By imposing itself in such a brilliant and forceful way, with the Al-Aqsa Flood on 7th of October of 2023, it deeply changed the course of the Middle East and is the protagonist of the revolutionary winds that are sweeping across the world. At this moment, Iran’s response to Israel deepens the extremely favorable situation for Palestine in terms of external conditions. However, Iran’s own response, forced to act harshly in defense of its position in the region and due to the expansionist interests of the Persian big bourgeoisie, was made possible by Israel’s miscalculations, which at the same time, are a consequence of the defeats it suffered in Gaza, dragging the conflict to the edge of such a dangerous situation that at this moment the Yankee, French and British imperialists will accept this fight. Israel finds itself vulnerable, isolated and already convulsed by internal crises, which are already threatening Netanyahu’s maintenance in government and the entire Nazi military leadership of his army. Even if it demands a lot of sacrifice over a prolonged period, the Palestinian Resistance is creating the conditions to go on the counteroffensive, the strategic offensive, to retake its territory and strategically defeat the imperialist plans in the region.

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