Update on Palestine

Featured image: Pro-Palestinian blockade of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA, 15th of April. Source: SFist

The genocidal campaign of the State of Israel against the people of Palestine continues with the amount of Palestinians murdered in Gaza exceeding 34 thousand, including more than 14 thousand children. More than 76,833 people have been injured and over 8,000 people are missing.

Also in the West Bank, where at least 468 people have been murdered, the State of Israel has intensified the genocide against the people of Palestine. According to “human rights” organizations report that Palestinians in the West Bank have been displaced from 20 villages by attacks of Israeli settlers since the 7th of October. 7 of these villages have been entirely uprooted. The Israeli military either stood by and did nothing or actively participated in the attacks. In addition to assaulting, torturing and commuting sexual violence against Palestinians, the settlers have also burned down houses and stole livestock from Palestinian peasants. Bill Van Esveld, spokesperson from the “human rights” organization said that “settlers and soldiers have displaced entire Palestinian communities, destroying every home, with the apparent backing of higher Israeli authorities.”

Yesterday it was reported that the State of Israel carried out a new act of aggression against Iran. While Yankee and Israeli news put a lot of focus on the incident, claiming three Israeli missiles hit parts of the radar defense for an Iranian Nuclear site in Isfahan, the State of Iran has denied this, claiming they shot down some small drones, that were more like toys, and that they do not know of any connection between this and the State of Israel. The State of Israel has not confirmed the attack. It is also reported that no damage is visible from satellite images.

Around the same time it was reported that the State of Israel also committed an act of aggression against Syria by targeting Syrian missile defense sites. The Syrian defense ministry has denounced the attack.

Today it was reported that the State of Israel carried out an air strike on a military base of the Popular Mobilization Forces – most probably paramilitary forces of some faction of the ruling in Iraq – , south of Baghdad in Iraq.

It is reported that last Tuesday, three Israeli ministers and several of their legal experts met in the Prime Minister’s Office for an emergency discussion on avoiding potential arrest warrants against them. According to the report the State of Israel is worried that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will issue arrest warrants against Benjamin Netanyahu and other Israeli political and military officials, in relation the genocide they are carrying out against the people of Palestine. We have previously reported on the war crimes, crimes against humanity and crime of genocide, committed by the State of Israel. In the meeting it was decided they would reach out to the ICC as well as “diplomatic figures with influence” to prevent the warrants. Netanyahu has already talked with the foreign ministers of German and British imperialism, hoping they will put a stop to the warrants. The ICC announced that it would start investigating the war crimes committed in Palestine in 2019 and have still not made any rulings despite the obvious crimes committed by the State of Israel and the urgent situation of the people of Palestine. In contrast it only took the ICC four days of investigation before inditing the President of Russian imperialism, Vladimir Putin.

It is reported that 100 acts of resistance took place in the West Bank between the 12th and the 17th of April.

There has also been more reports of actions of international solidarity with the people of Palestine since the last time we reported on this.

The Peru People’s Movement issued a political declaration “Yankees out of Middle East!”:


All over the USA pro-Palestinian protesters blocked roads, highways and bridges on Monday the 15th of April. The demonstrations disrupted traffic for several hours, such as in San Francisco where the traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge was stopped in both directions for four hours.

Pro-Palestinian blockade of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA, 15th of April. Source: SFist

In New York, USA, students set up an encampment against the Israeli genocide in Gaza outside of Columbia University on Thursday the 18th of April. The President of Columbia University called the police, who then forcibly moved students out of the encampment and arrested more than 120 students and at least two legal observers.

Students demonstrating in support of Palestine outside of Columbia University, New York, USA, 18th of April. Source: Eduardo Cuevas, USA TODAY

In Galaway City, Ireland, the Palestinian Prisoners Day was commemorated on the 17th of April.

In Lyon, France, an impressive action was done. In a video footage from Al Jazeera it is shown how activists hung down a giant Palestinian flag from the top of an apartment building and did a pyro-show to draw the attention on the action. Also the symbol of the Unified Campaign for the Liberation of Georges Abdallah can bee seen in the video.

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