France – La Fosse aux Lyons: press release against repression

We hereby publish an unofficial translation of an article published in Nouvelle Époque.

Press release from La Fosse aux Lyons: Support for organizations threatened with dissolution by the State! Palestine will win!

On October 14, 2023, Gérald Darmanin announced the launch of legal proceedings which could lead to a dissolution of around ten organizations supporting the just struggle of the Palestinian people. The reason for these dissolutions would be, among other things, apology of terrorism. A wide range of organizations are therefore threatened, ranging from Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste, the Comité Action Palestine, EuroPalestine, the Parti des Indigènes de la République, Palestine Vaincra, and the Ligue de la Jeunesse Révolutionnaire.. Even if, for the moment, no organization has yet been dissolved, the criminalization of support for the Palestinian people and their resistance is well underway. Several members of the organizations mentioned were summoned to the police station, and intentions to dissolve the have been seen in the press. Searches, intimidation, systematic police custody of pro-Palestinian activists, the old State is doing everything to increasingly crush democratic rights which are paradoxically its basis of legitimacy. These methods did not stop at the militants of the organizations already threatened, they extended to other organizations, which had the misfortune of denouncing a methodical and inhumane genocide taking place under the eyes of the whole world, under the cover of struggle against anti-Semitism.

It must be understood that this intensification of repression does not originate solely from the Al Aqsa Flood offensive. It is part of a general process of reactionarization of French society. The imperialists know that their world is about to collapse. Everywhere, the people of the world are rising up and demanding the fall of the established order. For their survival, the bourgeoisie seeks to rebuild a society which will grant them a few more decades of rest. A society where any project with a real ambition to break the chains of imperialism is immediately criminalized, a society where supporting a people in struggle is presented as treachery to the nation. The French monopolies and their dogs have understood this well: each rocket launcher of the Palestinian resistance has in its sights not only the tanks of the genocidal occupation, but also the sacrosanct interests of capitalism-imperialism.

The French government is increasingly struggling to remain credible in the face of its support for the invasion of the Gaza Strip, and all its pathetic attempts at false neutrality, or pseudo indignation in the face of Israel’s crimes, are now visible to the public for all like bloodstained lies. We recall that the French State is keeping Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, a Lebanese communist fighter, imprisoned since 1984 although he could have been freed since 1999. His incarceration on French territory reminds, once again, that the government has chosen its side in this struggle and that it is not that of the Palestinians.

If these organizations were not swept away as quickly as the State hoped, thus satisfying the censorship impulses of the French monopolies and the Zionist lobbies, it is because the popular masses mobilized powerfully from the month of October to support the Palestinian people, making any immediate liquidation politically impossible. The year 2023 showed our leaders that the people of the world will no longer give in, and that as always, where there is oppression, the people will cry out for resistance.

The images that reach us every day from Gaza are unbearable, and the horror continues in the general indifference of all the decision-makers on our planet. The people are boiling, and rightly so. We stand with them and throw all our strength and thoughts so that Zionist barbarism comes to an end. Defenders of the inalienable rights to self-determination, to life, to the dignity of all the people of the world will not end. No reactionary offensive by our leaders will be able to mask more than 75 years of suffering, brutal colonization and genocidal acts on a people who have been fighting for their independence for 100 years already. No child will die without someone being outraged and trying to prevent it.

By denouncing the genocide of the Palestinians, suffering famine, indiscriminate bombings, and the worst abuses of the “most moral army in the world”, and by supporting the just national liberation struggle of the Palestinian people and their National Resistance, these organizations have our full support, because our struggle is common, and it is just. La Fosse aux Lyons provides its full support to organizations threatened with dissolution, as well as those fighting in support of the Palestinian people as well as all people targeted by repression for having revolted against the complicity of our government. La Fosse Aux Lyons also condemns all measures taken by the French government aimed at increasingly restricting our democratic rights of opinion, assembly and organization against injustice. Finally, La Fosse aux Lyons declares that under no circumstances will it abandon the defense of the heroic struggle waged by the resistance of the Palestinian people, and that no maneuver from the government will make us give in.

Stop the dissolution procedures and the criminalization of support for the struggle of the Palestinian people!

Murderous Israel, the French State and Macron are complicit!

Palestine will live, Palestine will win!

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