Gaza: Mass Graves Revealed in Hospitals after Genocidal IDF Operation

Featured image: Bodies from mass grave in the Nasser Medical Complex lined up for identification. Source: AFP/Getty Images

Mass graves with 392 bodies in hospitals in Gaza reveal particularly cruel acts of the Israeli genocide against the people of Palestine.

The mass graves found at the Nasser and al-Shifa hospitals, includes children and elderly. Some of the bodies of massacred patients still had medical tubes attached, and several bodies were wearing hospital wristbands. Bodies of massacred medical personnel were also found wearing surgical gowns. Ten of the bodies where found with bound hands. The civil defense of Gaza suspect that around 20 people were buried alive. Several of the bodies also had other signs of execution, such as gunshots to the head, and there were evidence suggesting the IDF carried out field executions.

The bodies have been hard to identify due to mutilation and torture, in addition to the IDF having burred people in a way which sped up decomposition. There are also reports of the IDF having dug up excising graves and moving the bodies to new mass graves. Violating the religious believes of the masses regarding burial ceremonies.

We have already reported on the crimes of the State of Israel. These mass murders add to the crime of genocide committed by the State of Israel. These cases in particular shows clearly the murder of non-combatants, such as medical personnel and wounded people, and torture and execution of detained people, in addition to murder of civilians, including children.

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