More mobilization actions for the 1st of May

Featured image: ICL flag and the newspaper Servir al Pueblo in Madrid. Source: Servir al Pueblo

With only few days left until the first of May, mobilization actions continue in many countries.

Partizan readers have continued their mobilization for the first of May in Istanbul, Turkey, calling the people to take the Taksim square on the 1st of May. Taksim is traditionally an important place for the 1st of May demonstrations. In 1977 36 protesters were massacred during the 1st of May demonstration. Today, there is a permanent ban on demonstrations on the Taksim square. Partizan reports that the masses have welcomed the call warmly and expressed their support.

Actions done in Istanbul. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

Also in Izmir, Partizan readers hang up posters and banners around the city.

Actions done in Izmir. Source: Yeni Demokrasi

In Ankara, the 1st of May platform has issued a call denouncing “some unions and chambers, which have been under the domination of the union bureaucracy for many years” and whosee May 1st as their own monopoly, ignore the revolutionary and progressive organizations that fight against the bourgeoisie and its State, and adopt a political attitude that ignores the history and experiences of these organizations in terms of the class struggle in Turkey”, criticizing these unions for splitting and not uniting in the preparations of the 1st of May.

The Union of Migrant Workers in Europe (AGEB) has published a call which is available in Turkish and French:

Support Committee of New Brazil from the Spanish State has published a call under the slogan “This First of May, let us support the struggle of the Brazilian people against imperialism!”

Call of the Support Committee of New Brazil. Source: Servir al Pueblo

Servir al Pueblo has published a call from Madrid for the 1st of May under the slogan “Imperialism is in deep crisis. We must organize to put an end to it!”

In addition, there will be a combative and class block on the 1st of May demonstration in Madrid, which has published a call:

In Norway, posters mobilizing for 1st of May demonstrations have been put up in Oslo, Kristiansand and Trondheim. In Trondheim, flyers have also been distributed.

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