Celebrations for the 52nd anniversary of the foundation of the TKP/ML

The Communist Party of Turkey/Marxist-Leninist celebrated its 52nd anniversary of foundation. You can read the declaration of the TKP/ML on this occasion here:

Banners with the slogans ”On its 52nd year, TKP/ML is the Manifestation of Rebellion!” and ”On its 52nd year TKP/ML is the undying torch of Communism!” were put up in Athens, Greece.

Banner-drop actions have also been done in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

In Biel, Switzerland, Partizan Switzerland held a celebration on the 21st of April. The event started with a moment of silence for the martyrs of revolution and communism who in the 52 years of the Party fought determinedly and gave their lives for the struggle for the cause of communism. In the speeches, the role of Comrade Kaypakkaya as the founder and theorist of the Party was commemorated. “Our Party, TKP/ML, entrusted to us by our martyred comrades, has been able to continue the struggle for revolution and communism continuously and uninterruptedly by clinging tightly to its communist program for 52 years, meticulously protecting its claim of revolution, and following the footsteps of our founding leader Comrade İbrahim Kaypakkaya”, it was said, and emphasized that the call of the martyrs should be answered by courageously and committed following this path, with endless trust in the masses and courage to go against the current. A strong participation in the 1st of May demonstration in Zürich and in the commemoration event for Comrade Kaypakkaya on the 19th of May in Basel were also called for.

Event celebrating the 52 years of the TKP/ML in Switzerland. Source: Avrupa Haber Merkezi

In Germany, Partizan Germany held a meeting on the 20th of April. The event started with a moment of silence for those who have become immortal in the struggle for revolution, socialism and communism in Turkey and all over the world, and in particular the 29 Maoists who recently gave their lives in the People’s War in India. In the speeches, the process of establishing the Party by Comrade Kaypakkaya was explained, and it was emphasized that the revolutionaries should embody his spirit. The local elections of March 31st were evaluated, stating that the contradictions among the ruling class cliques will increase in the upcoming period and the anger of the masses should be channeled into revolutionary struggle, using the opportunities given by the emerging climate which is favorable for it. The effect of October 7th regionally and globally and how it frightened the reaction and the imperialists was also pointed out. Finally, it was decided to take the streets in Germany on the 1st of May with revolutionary slogans against imperialist wars, exploitation and racism. The meeting was ended successfully and looking forward to the commemoration events for Comrade Kaypakkaya on the 18th of May in Innsbruck, Austria and on the 19th of May in Basel.

Event by Partizan Germany celebrating the 52nd anniversary of the TKP/ML. Source: Avrupa Haber Merkezi

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