Mexico – In Guerrero: This is how the organizing meeting of the Resistances’ Gathering was

Hereby we publish an unofficial translation of an article published in Sol Rojistas México.

On last 21st of April we had a meeting of different social, union, student, peasant, worker and people’s organizations from the whole country; the building of the State Coordinator of Education Workers of Guerrero [Translator’s note: Coordinadora Estatal de Trabajadores de la Educación de Guerrero (CETEG-CNTE)] hosted the meeting. The works were developed in an environment of respect and fraternity.

At the beginning he panel discussions were presented and the representatives were introduced, one by one they were presenting their path, how they have carried out their struggles, how they have supported the struggle of the democratic teachers and of the parents of the disappeared students from Ayotzinapa. They made clear one thing: the CNTE has been an example of the people’s struggle and there is no doubt on the support which it has among the different people’s organizations, who salute the mobilization plan towards the national teachers’ strike. Also the struggle we have in common was highlighted, after a long discussion a brief break was taken where we shared the traditional food of Guerrero, and when we restarted the meeting, other comrades were presented and at the end the following agreements were made:

1. To cover and to support the struggle of the parents of the 43 Ayotzinapa normalist students in their day of struggle from the 26th until the 30th of April in Mexico City.

2. To publish the fraternal greetings in the CNTE’s Sixth Extraordinary National Congress which will be held in Mexico City on 26th, 27th, 28th of April of the current year.

3. The need of developing a national, united and internationalist proletarian day on this 1st of May, international day of the working class.

4. To back the action plan which will emerge from the CNTE’s Sixth Extraordinary National Congress, which will push forward the national teachers strike.

5. To support every action from the People’s National Assembly and the call to boycott the bourgeois election farce.

Some tasks were set from the meeting: at this moment stood out the task of making a unitary manifest and a sole poster for the 1st of May; to continue the resistances’ meetings towards the call of the CNTE; to build a national platform which backs the struggles and action plans from the diverse people’s organizations.

Our democratic organization has decided to join this process as part of the national plan we agreed upon. We will hold the campaign, ‘Stop the war against the people! Don’t vote, organize and struggle!’, to correctly take into account the questions of unity, which must base itself on the unity with principles, which means unity in action.

During the works of this meeting, revolutionary activists distributed propaganda calling to the election boycott and hanged up Palestinians flags in support to the National Resistance, joining demanding of freedom for comrade Georges Abdallah.

Stop the war against the people!
Don’t vote, organize and struggle!

Whoever governs, the rights of the people are defended!

Current of People – Red Sun

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