Denmark: Impressions of the 1st of May 2024

We publish this unofficial translation of a report published on Socialistisk Revolution.

The 1st of May – the international day of struggle of the workers – was celebrated in a powerful way across the country. We have received documentation of many actions, which have been carried out ahead of the day, as well as documentation of a powerful demonstration held in Aalborg.

In Aalborg the 1st of May demonstration went through the city center to Kildeparken. The demonstration in Aalborg has historically been dominated by the Social Democratic Party and the union bureaucrats, but this year a front of revolutionary organizations and youth labor union made a demarcation with the union bureaucrats.

Escorted by red flags together with ICL flags with the hammer and sickle and a big banner with the slogans “PROLETARIANS OF ALL COUNTRIES AND THE PEOPLES OF THE WORLD, UNITE!”, and “LONG LIVE THE HEROIC RESISTANCE STRUGGLE OF THE PALESTINIAN PEOPLE!” Anti-imperialist Collective, Palestine North Jutland and 3F Youth and other organizations went under the joint slogans “Combat, resist, raise the red flag!”, “Workers of all countries, unite!” and “Strengthen the international solidarity!”. This internationalist block gathered enough forces to break with the power monopoly of the union bureaucrat, and the social-democratic and Zionist-friendly agenda, and instead set real demands and firm anti-imperialist principles on the agenda in the demonstration.

During the demonstration slogans in solidarity with the Palestinian people were shouted to the horror of Zionist onlookers and to the joy and enthusiasm of the progressive onlookers. Slogans such as “Viva viva Palestina!”, “From the river to the sea!”, “Aalborg says no to genocide!” together with slogans “Combat, resist, raise the red flag!”, “Strengthen the international solidarity!”, “Wave by wave, blow by blow against imperialism and patriarchy!” and “Social-democracy, class betrayal!”

Route of the demonstration was decorated with red flags with the hammer and sickle. Red flags decorated the entrance to Kildeparken, where the demonstration ended.

Inside Kildeparken itself a stand with a banner with the text “Come to a study circle on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!”. Here literature was sold, flyers distributed together with stickers, for boycotting the upcoming EU-election among other things.

The stand gathered a crowd of people, which was curious to hear about Maoism, around it and many took flyers and bought Maoist literature.

Leading up to the 1st of May, in addition to the many red flags in the city, dazibaos were made. A dazibao which had the slogans “Out on the street on the 1st of May!”, “Long live the heroic armed resistance struggle of the Palestinian people!”, “Long live the International Communist League!”, “Long live Maoism! Down with revisionism!” and “For the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Denmark!”

In Copenhagen also it was decorated for the 1st of May in many proletarian neighborhoods.




Dazibaos were also hanged up in Mjølnerparken and Blågårdsplads. The dazibaos had the slogans “Out on the streets on the 1st of May!”, “Long live the heroic armed resistance struggle of the Palestinian people!” and “Forwards in building the international anti-imperialist front!”

In addition to this, slogans have been painted in many walls. Among others to honor the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army in India who is currently under a renewed genocidal attack from the old Indian State in its latest operation under the name “Kagar”.

Slogans were among others painted in Ballerup with the slogans “Long live CPI(Maoist)!”, “Long Live PLGA!” and “Crush operation Kagar!”

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