Norway: 1st of May 2024 – Powerful Anti-Imperialist Rallies

We publish this unofficial translation of a report of Kampkomiteen.

This year’s first of May was marked by large marches and strong support for Palestine. Kampkomiteen, together with other organizations and individuals carried out anti-imperialist rallies in Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Kristiansand.

NRK [the State broadcaster] reports that between 8,000 and 10,000 people took part in the 1st of May march organized by LO [central social democratic union] in Oslo. The march was marked by solidarity with Palestine and resistance against the closure of the Ullevål hospital. Local Kampkomiteen activists have sent us reports and pictures from four cities, which we republish here.

Oslo: Powerful 1st of May rally for Palestine

The international day of struggle of the working class was marked powerfully in Oslo with a rally at the Grønland square, with main focus on the Palestinian resistance struggle, participation in the LO-march and a march to the Ship to Gaza at the harbor.

Around 200 people took part in the rally at the Grønland square which was organized by Kampkomiteen, AntiTyranny International Collective and Revolusjonært Kommunistisk Forbund (RK), and other Palestine activists. On the banners of the demonstration there were slogans like “Support the Palestinian resistance struggle! Free Palestine!”, “No support to the Israeli genocide!” and “Boycott Israel!”.

The rally started with rhythmic slogans and drumming. A speech was made in support of the Palestinian resistance struggle to great enthusiasm of the participants. The recent arrests and charges against three Palestine activists who confronted Sylvi Listhaug, the leader of the FrP [Progress Party], were informed about and condemned. Fliers with focus on the resistance struggle, the struggle against increased prices and for strike, and against the persecution of Palestine activists by the PST [Police Security Service].

From the Grønland square the demonstration marched to Youngstorget, where it joined the 1st of May event of the LO, and formed a large, powerful and lively block for Palestine. The block with 300-350 participants got a lot attention from onlookers and passer-byes, with clapping, greetings, cheering and slogans.

From there it was organized a march that went to the harbor to Ship to Gaza, a ship with Palestine activists who have attempted to sail to Gaza and defy the blockade of the IDF several times, and who will try again. There a section of the demonstration continued with slogans and singing at the docks. Many of the participants were clearly affected by great enthusiasm and passion from the victorious day.

Bergen: Strong support to the Palestinian resistance struggle

Activists gathered at Vågsalmenningen at noon for a rally organized by the 1st of May-Alliance. The Anti War Initiative, the Palestine Committee, No the the EU, the Latin-America Group in Bergen, Kampkomiteen, Bergen4Palestine and others participated. Kampkomiteen participated under the slogan “Support the Palestinian resistance struggle”.

Between 200 and 300 people participated in the rally. Speakers at the rally highlighted the importance of the struggle against war and imperialism, and solidarity with the Palestinian people facing the Zionist genocide. One speaker called for “Global Intifada” to great cheering from the crowd who answered by spontaneously shouting slogans such as “Intifada, Intifada! Long live the Intifada”. At the end of the rally, all of the participants marched together to Torgallmenningen to join the LO march.

Kampkomiteen and other organizations formed a Palestine block in the LO march. In the front a banner with the slogan “Support the Palestinian resistance struggle” was carried, flanked by red flags and Palestinian flags. The block was large and gathered over 250 people for solidarity with Palestine.

The attitude of the block was serious, lively and combative, with powerful slogans such as “Long live the resistance struggle”, “International solidarity – The unity of struggle of the working class”, and “Down with Norwegian imperialism”. Slogans sounded powerfully through the whole march. Participants of the march had posters which among other things demanded that the Oil Fund withdraws from Israel.

At the end of the LO march, slogans in support of the armed Palestinian national liberation struggle were chanted at Torgalmenningen. Masses formed an energetic gathering that shouted slogans for more than 10 minutes, where the red flags and Palestinian flags of the block waved high.

Trondheim: Anti-imperialist 1st of May for a free Palestine

Activists in Trondheim reports that Kampkomiteen in Trondheim stated this year’s 1st of May with an anti-imperialist rally in Nordre gate with speeches, distribution of fliers, banners and flags. The activists of the Palestine-section in the 1st of may march marched under the main slogan “Support the Palestinian resistance struggle – free Palestine!”

The turnout was large, especially in the Palestine-section. Slogans were shouted during the march, among others for Palestine and international solidarity and against imperialism. At the end of the day, activists gathered for a speech, food and collective singing.

Kristiansand: 1st of May rally for Palestine and Latin-American poor peasants

Activists of Kampkomiteen and the Latin-America Group (LAG) participated in a 1st of May breakfast and a concert with Canto Libre, and then joined the march with red flags, Palestinian flags, and banners with the slogans “Free Palestine” and “Land to the tiller”.

The 1st of May march went from Arbeideren through the pedestrian street up to the town square. The whole way it was shouted slogans such as “International solidarity – The unity of struggle of the working class”, “No peace without freedom – no freedom without struggle – crush imperialism”, ”Organize the class hatred – all power to the proletariat”, “Israel has blood in its hands – free Palestine – USA has blood on its hands – crush imperialism” and “Combat, resist, raise the red flag”. Several other organizations also joined chanting the slogans.

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